The differences in the minds of each may be like you have seen on a google search… as to what course of action is pursued?

  • highest bidder is never making anyone fortunate?
  • highest bidder is never taking anyone fortunate?
  • highest bidder is never waking anyone fortunate?

Most living or loving?  No tradesies.

Or how about googling

  • highest bidder unfortunate

Your choices in authority you seek should never be swayed by emotion, esp. 😡
You should always seek and want the highest authority to learn to be a good authority.

True authorities are going to hear your explanation, your side of a story, and try to understand your problem!!!

They are not going to pretend they even had time to hear you out, make snap judgment, and begin to punish. (Punishment is most likely action taken, without the right authority. It does not correct anything, and makes matters worse.)

The authorities don’t do the punishing they would be more inclined to incite correction.

This is why you should want an authority for your ways, trying to make them need less correcting.

To the punishers: There is going to be more coming at you than hypnotism can buy.

(When even the authorized get questioned, and their actions scrutinized, WHO ARE YOU?)