The welcome to reality ends here! When it ain’t been fair enough … And now it is just going to get worse, but out from under is going to be much easier to bear …

Remember … Have some decency, but always use self control, cause if you don’t you will just read the rest if this won’t you?

If people, who don’t ‘stay within the lines’ of their budget, resort to crime, rather than begging, why does it not make sense that businesses do it too? Even hospitals?
Knowing the difference is key to balance in everything. When appearances deceive you… 💤…. Your greatness then becomes you.

It is natural to want to hide our flaws and coverup the truth that could embarrass us…  But rash threats, as seen by others coming from you, could have serious consequences, and mommies and daddies may not know how to fix it or have time. Convictions, without a trial, putting blame on people who didn’t do it, etc. only making matters worse for YOU, not the bad guys!  Who could ever trust you again? Setting up is not setting precedent!!!

Will you have time to enforce what ever may come? (Like as a result of you not taking the right side?)  Okay I didn’t think so.

Please stop this ‘madness’!  It is all we have! YOU learn to be FRUGAL! That is part of your ‘welcome to reality’ or didn’t you pay attention?

Warning: You had better stop your vain partying to hurt others, having unnecessary expenditures, traveling, showing kids a good time as a set up, wasting gas and time hunting, etc. and then wanting what others have, that they need to pay their own bills! CYCLE OF ABUSE has to stop! You don’t have the right! Abuse of authority or merely unforgiveness? What difference does it make?

What happens when people are in charge that are too unforgiving? See you are already being charged like a bull?

Don’t spend any of my money or time writing junk emails.  What, your boss or whoever paid for that trash, but did not pay for this blog post,  or any work I did overcoming it?  Or setting the record straight? You get nothing, but trash. I hope you salvage some food out of it. If not now, it will be your future fate.

Another reality point? If things can change overnight for me, they can change overnight for you, when they change overnight for me! You expect people to settle for some evil crap? As if you care? Yea what a load of crap, and it needs to be stopped, at its source, from you to, you freaking killers.

Here is some crap.

.. Those who are addicted to killing are fixing to meet up, (on the wrong side of each other’s patience) with addicted to torture, torture, and more torture! Haha!$

$$$$$$$$$$$  I am putting all my money on it!

How would you cite that case? Killer v. torturer, US reporter, court, date, disposition. It will cost them all their money, from all their supporters, til no longer supporters, for fear of being charged as them, necessary to butt off, for not butting out!

It’s over yea! Doesn’t sound scary, but it will be for them, a landmark case.  Isolated by all their victims and families thereof!

We will ALL end up somewhere we don’t want to be or have control over the circumstances.  It is not too late to change and trust and support those who lead you right!

What’s the moral of the story? Don’t spend all your money on bad habits and socializing, and use it for the betterment of you and your family’s health? What, by making $ from insulting and robbing those other people’s families, to the point of being tortious conduct?   No, the moral of the story is… What? You haven’t even heard it yet!

Stonewalling you, until then. Playing my card too soon am I?  Just forget about it and go back to what you were doing, right or wrong, you don’t care right?

Part 1 – Case Notes?

— so was it it a contract killing?

— they think they are on the same side, but they aren’t. After all, they made the rule ‘every man for himself!’

(Don’t be scared. You never are, enough, to stop killing or torturing, right, cause it is addicting?)

Who are the parties?

– the victims and families, talked for them, they will talk and tell who you are, when find out someone going to be on their side.

— what medical hostages being held by criminals evading being legal hostages?

–  Is it a government racial thing? Using people’s family members as examples? That’s what makes it a land mark case!? Two faced lying witches?

Can’t wait to hear what the judge rules on this one. The judge would have to be what nonamerican to be impartial?

Exposure strategy– like age your past catches up to.

– probably for starters, you take the biggest ones down first, and never let off your guard, the most notorious of our time, escaping detection only by money buying people off? Or others’ money giving them great anonominity?  But….. Just not as great as the one who they will never see coming.

– there is no one babysitting them, in order to keep them FROM killing or torturing. Or jealous enough to keep a tight reign on their comings and goings, after all they do not have partnerships, more like dominant/submissive.

– like trapping a killer animal that is loose in the woods, there is not going to be a lot of them, at one time. You catch the stupidest, slowest first, which is most likely the biggest and the meanest!

– tie them down, what, in some commitment, unaware what will happen? As if innocent until proven guilty or is guilty until proven innocent? Whichever one gets them released to the other like in an arena, where cant escape. And they have pull best moves on each other? For the whole world to witness? With no help whatsoever. That would be cheating.

— Unlike the ones they bully, which are fast and alert, and not easily captured, but stalked by them, incessantly.

— payment from the ///punitive damages?/// something the whole world can use, for ever… To gain by it, to what — injunction?

—  To order to have to make people extinct who do it? You don’t care if anything is extinct right? So why not stonewall the terrorists, with mirrored situations you do, to make your own selves extinct?

— to never let you sleep again killer without waking you up.

Cause of action

– taking hostage of family members of other side to get their money, if you thought they had more than you.


(You cannot deny the claim- it is what it is you can only…..file a

      Counter suit – cause of action

– it can’t be …’I don’t like your face!’

– it can’t be ‘expecting to share’ or ‘not getting to monopolize’

– it cannot be the same as…whatever the punishment was given to other members of your party for what they did. It has something unfair and unjustified.

– it cannot be the claim ‘you were being too fair’

–because again re-counterclaim
— ‘too nosy trespassing and stalking’

-and it cannot be ‘Ann Ho is angry’ – it’s two men and or jerks of insignificant age in a battle

Re- Counterclaim

— not a ho bro, so defamation