When a massage therapist has to become a paralegal…

… is when helping your mother or child naturally is considered a crime, but them neglecting to help is not.

  • For instance, when not using natural forms of healing and detox leads to sepsis? As if afraid of broaching subject of personal hygiene for your child or elderly parent or patient?

Is it vanity of control or arrogance, like not wanting to do that kind of job of cleaning bed pans? Picking up diapers etc.?

Wouldn’t it be terrible to die from not being able to wash your own self good? Esp when others get paid to do it?

Where would you draw the line of being violated or someone violating others that you are keenly aware to?

Your Hippocratic oath ‘to do no harm’ is to do no harm to what? The bacteria?
Take you that long to notice it, the stench, before it gets to dangerous levels? Even then, not even mentioning a resolution? It is an outrage! You don’t run blood tests on someone who was in hospital for infection? Before it leads to sepsis?

Treat the cause to prevent the effect!

Does rectifying the situation prove me wrong or you wrong?

Mandatory issues to resolve is the qualifications of almost any job, of which you expect payment and social acceptance of having that job, or qualify as an authority. That is why you do not lie on a resume or practice licensed professions, without a license!!!

  • when doctors and others don’t pursue upgrading their skills more than their Facebook page? 
  • Not doing at least the basics you learned, even better?

The cruelties allowed or ignored in one generation may be perfected in the next! 

Life never has a happy ending. Why think you are doing something special by pushing it? We are not talking illegalities related to emails and google searches, we are talking about the lives of real human beings!

Need a refresher course? To prevent infection using tea tree oil and lavender (neat -undiluted on skin) is okay… absorbs into skin to halt infection in blood.

Will mean and ignorant people make your heart race just like raising voice at mean and ignorant people? Which one is the cause of the conflict? It does not start out as a conflict, until you hear the mean and ignorant things they say… To purposefully avoid fault by being mean and ignorant does not make it worse?

So this may be why a doctor may not broach the subject with staff as to their cleanliness skills with the patients might be leading to serious complications?

I hate when people make huge problems out of refusing to do simple little things. Does it make you feel more powerful to deny others’ simple pleasures?

Are health care directives legal to give to a person who is mentally unstable, esp. regarding knowledge of health care and inflexibility in the best health care, to thusly keep someone else out of the loop who has lots of health care background? Just because of jurisdiction issues?

What are the tactics the nursing homes use, on shifts staying up all night with to … If suspect something? Like people you would not trust alone at your house, but would a nursing home? And you would not say anything, unless it was happening to you, or even if it was your family? They are looking for a quick buck an easier one, or more money for hospitals?  Oh she is just another old lady to you but she is not to me, she is my mother.

Oh she is just another family member who ran out of money to feed that hole of careless spending you have, but she is more worth a chance to get repaid all her good deeds, than you who have used everyone up and thrown them out, when no longer served your purposes.

If your patients die from simple problems you failed to get under control, you aren’t getting any more. Medical malpractice insurance does not extend as far as state and federal LAW.

What is the difference between wrongful death and murder in my opinion? Nothing without the timely intent to rectify.  

I’m learning about ‘stages of discovery’ because someone did not get ‘stages of recovery’! You don’t need a medical degree to know what not wiping your butt well can cause. But how to find out the statistics of medical issues leading to sepsis in nursing homes. What The bleep … The same as the diaper group? Go figure what punitive damages?

The ‘new’ price to subject a family to hostage negotiations- 20 million dollars … As if some debt owed is worth the consequences of you expecting payment to the bitter end or that your neighbors world owes you a living when you find out family has money and you didn’t stop trying to get it before you got caught?
Turning lemons into lemonade. 

The key is to make it is ‘more not worth it’ to the one doing the harm, than the one being harmed or the estate thereof!