Is it a crime to want to eat? No, it is a crime to kill to eat!
Is it a crime to want money? No, it is a crime to kill for money!
Is it a crime to want love? No, it is a crime to kill for love!
Is it a crime to want power, prestige, or position? No, it is a crime to kill for power, prestige, or position!

And If you make exception for one, what is the difference in someone else making a different exception?
It is not a crime to want something bad, but it is a sin.

……Here is a scenario…

Darrell Ity is on social security, for a confidential mental disability, trying to recover from some emotional abuse.

‘Them’ being people he newly meets, comes in contact with, or people who expect him to contribute more than what they contribute, in other words support them, that get in his business, when find out he has money from the government. People who bully others out of position, and take what they can get.

It could go his way or ‘their’ way?
– His way is like stairway to heaven💸, road to recovery🌈, etc. 💝🍌😍- With their way being like a spiral to the center to nothingness,💥🎯☠💉⚗ where someone is always trying to piggy back off of it 💲….. To create opposition. 🔜🔚🔻🇱🇷,(to the natural inclination to recover) because their choice is not to get better, but accept their fate, and die when they die.

For instance
The opposition sees Darrell as someone who is not as incompetent, or psychotic, as them, and yells ‘fraud!’ Then the opposition …
– Tries to inspire others, like lunch mob, saying ‘let’s get to the bottom of this!’
– ‘If he or she is not going to appear to be, let us force him or her to be worse than us and never getting better!’
It is : Clear case of misery loves company, but they already have someone.

Is there a crime?
If it ends there? It does not end there, when it is their way, because it is spiral. Is it a spiral to get power, prestige, position, money, love, or to put food on the table?? Off of his misfortune? If they don’t kill him in the process for any of those things, will dragging him down be his end?

Surely the chance that this could happen makes it a criminal work in process? If there is no proof offered otherwise, and they don’t back off?

The problem with crime is that it is often a whole lot more serious than the people whom you might run with, who might also be doing it, will let on or face the reality of.  Sometimes crime can be so lax that people are comfortable with it but not the law or doing what is right? This would be an area where most people should remain neutral not accept it.

An example of attempting to confuse an issue would be if you are telling history, people want to hear the basic facts, not you putting you own spin on it, unless informing them of it; whereas if you are trying to create something you can copyright you want to put your own spin on it, more so it would be required. If someone is wanting history that is what they expect. If someone wants originality, that is also what they expect.

If someone wants trustworthiness that is what they expect; not something like fidelity or celibacy would be good enough.