You say that to yourself, in lieu of others realizing it, as mercy, when you know it is not enough or someone new, only trying to help, and definitely it could be worse? 

At least, it leaves the one helping high and dry, but not if you neglect to go back and remedy, so that is better?

It is only a minor glitch? At the time, but ignored, it is like a snake bite or prescribing medicine that is not the permanent cure.

So is that when you think they did it be mean?

So the thought quits applying the day you or whoever takes credit, realizes you (them) didn’t try hard enough? 

Or when other people don’t see that it was mistake, or not good enough, when there is no action of reversal of charges or follow up to correct, replace, or make a better offer? 

… And you feel abandoned?  

…and then the helper thinking it is too late, requires something different, etc. is all a lazy ‘cop out’?  Or a reason to put them down? Or expecting someone important in class to give up?

When trying to help and interfering with someone getting the right help of which you should probably have made better referrals, and noted only a temporary fix? Like not intended to cure. 

In summary, choices in the beginning are always the best favored course of action, esp. Trying to care more.
New witchy points to consider:

– You cannot trump good law with law. You can only come in second place and get dirty looks.

– Looking for an equal in a relationship makes for a stronger one, like you and me against the world, not where there is always a good guy and a bad guy, duking it out.

– Is it fair to say, you cannot be MORE illegal, than you would in your own country, and be in this country? Much less be illegal at all…?  Like unregulated prescription drugs or surgeries (should hit home) Foreign business related statute, (f) 

– Things you CAN be discriminate about (freedom to discriminate) – others (il)legality (background check), financial situation (credit), gender of mate (even if nun(e)), religion, everything you eat, ….