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Water the universal remedy

Quote from Water cure Journal

To the Editor of the Water Cure Journal..

‘ That fool,’ said I, ‘ does not require cupping.’ ‘ He does not look as if he did,’ said the druggist, ‘ but we can’t afford to let him go without.’ ” And now, after reading and pondering over such testimonies, who will contentedly surrender his liberty, in medical matters, into the hands of the medical profession? Every man who is prudent will insist upon the preservation, in all their integrity, of his natural rights to choose for himself and his family that mode of medical treatment which he shall deem most effectual, and that practitioner in whom he shall most confide — whether that treatment be hydropathic, homoeopathic, or allopathic, or vegetable pillism — or that practitioner a fellow of thirty colleges, or a simple peasant.

I am, dear Sir, yours very faithfully,
Camberwell, February 17, 1848.

John Gibbs, Water a cause for dropsy? The Water Cure Journal, February 17, 1848, at 341.

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