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Transcending over Strife with Heart

Sometimes, in order to transcend over hard times, without suffering, we have to do things like

  • deep breathing
  • Anti pain with natural resources, like a calming tea, anti-inflammatories like ginger etc.
  • Get massage therapy.
  • Drink more water to detoxify.
  • Have a place of refuge for quiet, peace, and safety that provides comfort and shelter for relaxation.
  • Associate well, be positive, fond of, good humor, get help, and let, to hold onto your heart, look to God, and repent for wrongs.
  • Eat more healthy-for-you foods, not less, to compensate.

You could go through a hard time without it, and suffer, or turn to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and or even criminal activity, for support, but that is not being a better person, as there may be dire consequences, unwanted side effects, or addictions that develop.

It is impossible to escape or ignore hard times, so it is good to be well equipped, with accessible resources, kept up-to-date and available.

What is a home or a phone for? To get you in more trouble or make you suffer more? No! So by right choices and enough good choices, we can prevent needless suffering, in our own homes.

It is a constant battle to keep it in your sights, but it is a battle that is worth it, for us and those of the future, and you can’t be discouraged or give up.

You cannot neglect your part in NOT causing hard times, stress, or strife and choose positive pro- action, when you know it would be positive!

You may think that having to pay for a massage gives you a sense of an ending, when it should give a sense of rebalance, from a sense of ending given to you by stressors.

Why spend your time testing others’ patience, heart, or mental ingenuity, as if for your own personal gain? Why not show you have some , and complement what the world has to offer?   When you test others, you are not showing they have none, you are showing you have none!

It becomes pay up time, like ‘you OWE me!’ Life can get very expensive for you, if you don’t learn to mind your own business, save yourself from strife, not add to it, and ask for a way, not stomp on others’ way. Asking for support will be cheaper than taking or destroying.

Asking does not belittle you, as insulting for asking does, even if you both do not agree, it does not change the truth, in third perspective. Hinting is acceptable as asking and can give an idea of how to accommodate.

With change and progress, some good is lost, sacrifices made, and or rules change. It is inevitable, and you have to sometimes let go, with grace, and not make more hell out if it, more pain to get compensate for, etc. and make better or more relevant (ruling) choices.

Be Smart! Don’t expect more from people than what they can handle, no matter what you need, or it can hurt both.

Prayers- Accept what you can’t change, change what you can, and have the wisdom to learn or know the difference.

To get forgiveness, for heart breaking actions, you have to have greater intention than what you seek forgiveness for, to make it worthwhile to give to you, and that is very hard, if you are trying to top the heart you broke with greater heart! Why would you be thought to be sincere, if you seem to be heartless, to make up for it with greater heart? It dore not seem possible!

Moral- dont be heartless or go around trying to break hearts, as if they are a dime a dozen, because they are NOT. Having a heart is PRICELESS not having one is costly.

Being heartless is painful for the one doing it! ? They only find hope in the lie that ‘they are not doing it.’ It may be temporary relief for them, but reality catches up and they may try to do it again, and then they will quit getting any relief, just like the ones they harass quits getting support.

No matter how often someone attacks, true heart is not in the one who tries to break it. It is not a group that ‘if you can’t beat them join them’, as noone REALLY wants to sacrifice heart, and bullying stressors will end up alone. Even the stupidest of the stupid would not find an excuse, and instinctively know, when it comes to heart!

You had benter find a way to pack up your heartlessness, or get ready to SUFFER, such as be forced to mirror, and do it to yourself!

Rethink multitasking, even out of love, to get things done, so you CAN transcend stress, because it may make it worse, or harder, to let go?

Most work will not let you transcend stress, unless it is the actual act of transcending stress kind-of-work. (see saving your life before the work gets done)


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