As well as trying to

  • steal identity and
  • hack all intellectual property, like expecting to write FREE, like ‘write freely’, unless it is for class…
  • using stalking killers, to try and takeover all property rights.

On charges of

  • suppression
  • denying constitutional rights,
  • being unsupportive, promoting disability, slavery,
  • threats, to intentionally inflict emotional distress, etc. (Is it a joke, a threat, or a promise?)

As well as ‘squashing’ natural health education, already paid for, so didn’t get credit, by standing on complete medical podium, til ‘Killed it’, (as if there could be any problem with natural health, or even overpopulating would be a problem), (where if you had the influence, you could have squashed natural illegal drugs instead) and also…

  • threatening lawyers that have, and
  • only uncovering the truth that would scare everyone away from progress, by not accepting blame or fault for evil competitive strategies, when clearly support it.

Don’t blame me, if I don’t consider this behavior from anyone (others) ‘social security’, as if I might get arrested for not being able to pay student loans. And so don’t think you can be totally on my side, without a lot of YOU changing, to where you would even qualify as me to owe you money for supporting me, instead of you owing me!
… Because IF you have it your way, to where the police no longer enforce the law, they are not getting any $ from the government, either. They had their chance, as if they are so smart, to be judge and jury, and collect money for wrongs, instead of punishing for rights. Good luck with that.

Go ahead and be insulted and always play the ‘insulted victim’ card, as if you aren’t even more insulting, knowing how you are.

A class action lawsuit against a hacker, by all who has hacked, will you be able to live on anything? You won’t get social security. Hacking to steal class action, as if are class action, deserves class action punishment.