Read between the lines and don’t say you are not paying attention, because that is what a stalker does way too well!

Is stalking and pre-diabetes connected?

Some may see how these have similarities.

  • You (I) need to nip it in the bud, before it becomes something serious.
  • There are certain things you (I) can do, to prevent or lesson likelihood of seriousness?
  • Certain reasons can predispose you (me) to having this problem? Stress? One causes fear the other suffers from fear, and eats for comfort?
  • What do you (I) do to contribute that you (I) can stop doing?
  • Both have signs that let you (me) know you (I) may have the problem.
  • If you (I) don’t have one problem, you (I) will get the other, if not balanced?

If one is not a stalker type, one will be a stalked type?   Says who?  Come on who has to obey that crapper?

For your information:
I am deliriously happy, content, and well rested, when I am not being stalked! (Not when or because I am being stalked.) So dont think you or your wife if so think you are doing someone a favor or think you can hold me responsible for the trouble you get into.

So you won’t think you won, or will not think you will win, next time?

  • Retaliation is not self defense, exclusively, like me and you.
  • Retaliation is illegal. It is something a stalker thinks they are entitled to, if they dont get their way, but are not.
  • Self defense is not illegal, and it does not make me considered crazy, just because I have used it, or just because you prefer and fair better using retaliation, where you take the law into your hands, sneakily, and dont deserve it.

Is stalking a mere tort, just because one does multiple torts, such as trespass, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, by disabling vehicle, chattel conversion, causing emotional distress, intentionally, and or negligiently?

  • NO. It should be considered criminal harassment, when more than one act, or one repeatedly, chronically!

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye…. Be the first to be trapped while stalking, when someone takes me seriously.

What do you think, I have an invitation for you, buddy?

  •  (Invitation to stalk 📜, with your name on it) yea right, prove it!

Stalking is something a person just doesn’t ignore.

  • you will give up, way before I will, buddy! GET A LIFE!

Normal people think ‘who would do that?’ And think I am making it up.

  • Well, if you use government money to spend your time stalking people or paying someone to do it, I feel sorry for you, (misappropriating government funds) being off the normal list, and being considered crazier than what you call crazy, thusly, just might make you criminally insane.

When the law says ‘no stalking or trespassing’?

  • they mean no, none, zilch! So do YOU have the case? No.

You are not a wild animal.

  • (just because you might have FUCKED one, if you for sure have no food ethics.) so don’t think you have the same rights as one, like a free agent if the universe.

No respect for the law?

  • Exteme defamation – should be your punishment!
  • Not – anonymity your reward!!!

You all want to be alike, in a bad way?

  •  Then you can get punished alike, in a bad way. Seemingly not having a brain bigger than a pea, or letting anybody else in on it.

Is this what you are looking for in a property with a person on it?

  • Now you don’t trespass. You sunk the eight ball. Game over.. 🔫