“The dare her games”

Instead of daring her to shoot you…..

  • dare her to run?
  • dare her to hide?
  • dare her to quit?
  • dare her to divorce you?
  • dare her to take back a good promise she made?
  • dare her to leave you forever?
  • dare her to find someone else?
  • dare her to go somewhere without you that you want to go with!
  • dare her to tell on you about something she knows you did that is bad!
  • dare her to eat all the valentines candy in the box!
  • dare her to take the children!
  • dare her to get 50 cats an open a shelter, that you ahve to pay for!
  • dare her to spend all your money and not buy you anything!
  • dare her to take your house in the divorce and leave you with nothing but the shirt on your back!
  • dare her to paint all the walls pink and put blood all over your blue, like you did her grass, and make you have to have nothing but black!
  • dare her to force you to grow up too fast, because you are too mean!

It is real funny how even the smartest people can think there is a relationship, where one does not exist, and where one does not have to exist and should not exist!