It all depends right, such as…

  • that it was a cybercrime and harder to prove or if it was easier to prove?
  • that you did or didn’t try to mislead or give a false illusion of safety and trustworthiness with the care of the innocent? Or the holding of hostage? For more money for healthcare costs as if didn’t cause it?
  • that no lie was involved? Or multiple lies were involved? That couldn’t be proven only assumed?
  • that you didn’t try to discredit anyone who was credible?
  • only one person was violated? And it didn’t really hurt no one else? As if that could exist?
  • That there was no ‘official’ law in place? And you just constantly said prove it prove it prove it?
  • that they couldn’t catch you yet? That they didn’t know how to catch you?
  • that no one got physically hurt? So it couldn’t hurt in any other way?
  • That it cost only someone else’s job? That didn’t matter to them?
  • that you played ignorant or stupid, when you really were sneaky, sly, cunning, and deceiving?
  • having to predict that you are or are not capable of doing it?
  • whether the victim is ever able to get closure?
  • Whether the victim has to do constantly free legal work or has brilliant support legal wise ?
  • whether you have to learn something from scratch, to be able to prove it, before you can get justice, if so?
  • whether your evasion of the law and justice makes otherwise nice people seem happy or not? Crazy or not?

This just makes you want to smile and be totally happy and giddy right?

What are the damages bottom line, you have to come up with? How do you measure that, in dollars and cents, or time of not having to worry about you (the criminal), because you are behind bars?  A $ million dollars to placate  (the victimized) and the others connected with the victims?