As a vegan, you will undoubtedly be faced with the safety of soy controversy, since most meat and dairy substitutes and some protein powders use soy.

What I don’ understand is…

— some reporters are quick to say and have everyone beleive that

— something (ie. soy) that has the potential to replace something that causes cancer (ie. cholesterol products), should be a number one thing to not consume?

— because it could maypossibly cause or proliferate cancer,  even though it is a phyto-estrogen, but is not blocking, more like unblocking the elimination channels of cancer,

–yet when, what it replaces, is causing cancer, by blocking cancer fighters from getting through the elimination channels,

— the same reporters are not quick to say the same thing about a substance  called cholesterol, which definitely is blocking the channels, and

— put the extreme fear into everyone about it? all in the same place, where there is controversy.

They created a whole slew of health food stores based on the premise of whole foods meaning least processed, as that the reason behind so many food sensitivities and allergies and possibly disease? Am I right? Yet now neglect to stock soy protein isolate in its purest form nonGMO? But will stock meat, the most processed second hand thing you could eat no matter where you get it!!!

in a layman’s terms:

Soybean is going to cause gas, like all beans, but it has lecithin in it, protein, etc. So it is worth it. Plant estrogens are supposed to be better than/ dairy milk cholesterol and estrogens.l

Vegans have to do things in moderation too, like nutritionally balanced. You need lecithin for brain, if you don’t eat eggs.

I opt. For whole beans and make my own soy foods, because which one has the lecithin in it, if any, the soy milk or the soy burger? The protein?

Like with making any beans, you have to clean them, and hope have no stones.

Meat substitutes might be great for busy people who have no time for a home cooked meal, but to make your own is more benefit of whole food goodness and purity, as well as more cost effective. For instance, you can make 3 big bean burgers with 1 cup ground (non-GMO) cooked beans, and 2 1/2 cups flour, made into patties, and cooked in a teaspoon of olive oil. Simple.
*If you add carrots and puree it, it is supposed to be less causing the gas.
*Drinking with ginger tea may lessen the pain and inflammation of gassy foods.

+ Also, to prevent gas pain from turning into fibroids, give yourself frequent chest or breast massages. ‘They’ may say massage may also proliferate cancer, and yet others say massage promotes detoxification, thusly detox cancer cells, if drink water after. So which is it? I don’t know who ‘they’ are, do you?

You might say… I am leary of gluten foods. How does gluten damage celia? If a doctor tells you, you have celiac disease, then ask them.

From a vegan cook’s stand point:
Maybe uncooked, not totally or unrisen, in its gooey state, it will attach to celia and pull it out, which over time is not good for anybody. But if you combine it, with something that makes it nonstick, like oily beans, it won’t stick and pull, only sweep out, as fiber should.

For instance, if making oat gravy, with just oats and water, even oil, the oats will settle and stick to the bottom of pan unless constantly stirring, but add enough ground soy beans that have a natural fat emulsifier -lecithin, it won’t even stick. So, soy and gluten flour, alone, might not be ideal, but put them together, and you could have a healthy protein product. You could add lecithin granules, to a bean or rice and flour patty, and have the same nonstick result. Lecithin can thusly help you to lose weight, by merely enhancing better nutrition.

I think onions have quercetin and sulfur which prevents stroke, like apples. I always eat onions with soy, and I don’t eat alot, at one time, like you would a peice of meat.

A vegan diet is going to naturally have more roughage, and graduating to a higher fiber diet is smart, so pureeing anything, you can, helps, as well as eating fresh pineapple, essentially, every week.

Gluten and soy are high protein carbohydrates, and thusly you need to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with enzymes; to help digest and balance the digestion process.


soy like egg salad mini pizza