• Is it predictable?
  • Was it gone into with both good intention?
  • Was it a rush job or done by the uneducated, untrained or unlicensed?
  • Did it have no guarantees or written or verbal agreement or understanding?
  • It is a bad referral or reference, for you who do it, for sure.
  • Is it just a bad lesson, constantly, they expect you to endure, when they aren’t even supposed to be in control?

** It is like a back seat driver, when someone

  • tries to tell you how to do something that is the wrong way to do it?
  • interferes when it is being done right,
  • wastes alot of time? Esp. Theirs when they aren’t minding their own business? Putting you on defensive?
  • or neglects to tell you something, you need to know? that they know? And you know they know, or said they know about?

It is a service you are better off, without, if you can predict it, like they have bad behavior or attitude, so you will definitely get a disservice from them.
A disservice does not have to be intentional, so it doesn’t have to be something either of you are severely mad about. It is like something you regret doing, like “I am so sorry if i did you a disservice.” like if you unknowingly caused them harm and thusly they deseve an example of an apology, for a supposed disservice that might have not been deserved.

Although it can be intentional… if it was avoidable by them… like they knew better.

  • When a supposedly know-it-all kid says they will help, and doesn’t help at all, but vandalizes? And calling vandalism a disservice is a nice way of putting that which is a crime.
  • or thinking can punish, all you want, by inflicting stress upon, if don’t get own way, or expecting a punishing illegal service to be tolerated, can have deadly consequences.
  • It is a service, not paying them for, or truly owe anything good for, or intend on not letting them keep money for, and that will possibly get them thrown to the curb, if not willing to more fairly negotiate.
  • It is more like someone offering a service or help, that does not fulfill their part of the bargain?

Is it ethical to accept a job assignment, if not going to take all the way, like you know they need, just because they may not have paid what you wanted?

  • Follow-up, not done, like a satisfaction survey? Can cause miscommunication, thusly dissatisfaction, thusly a disservice, if no attempt to remedy, rather than admonish?
  • If someone accessed, illegally, while you were elsewhere, and turned it all against you, and you didn’t care?
  • You didn’t double check your work?
  • Is it because you don’t have insurance, positive support, or security? And or don’t don’t try to be these things, for anyone, but yourself?
  • You don’t help  (prosecute), as if we don’t have better things to do, than spending more than 5 minutes on something, not even getting paid for, much less doing for someone else’s good, who doesn’t even try to appreciate it, or is jealous and wants all the credit, yet makes you do all the work?
  • and never gives you time of day, or of your own, that they don’t try to violate, as if they have a right to access, by proximity.
  • Promises that were not kept, that should have been first priority, like not a man of your word, so involving lies or misplaced intentions, and falling for wrong temptations, and allowing abuse of privilege, meanwhile, because did not put up a defensive block as promised, to help, so you get what you deserve.
  • It was as if you expected them to do it, their self, when it is totally clear, from the beginning, how unfair that would be, if not impossible. Yet you had the ability of everything else you did, like that was totally extravagant, and not part of any original priority discussion, so talks ended, as if it was your original intention to give false hope , and no diligent effort.

You might not be abusing your privileges of access, YET, in cyberspace for example, like the only reason you have a job,  but when you do …. You will be wanted in bad trouble, too.

  • like is it too easy to resist, to take advantage, if you don’t like something about them, huh?
  • What comes around goes around doesn’t apply to you?
  • It is not funny or fun; and the message, you try to send, will not come across well, like it proves, you don’t mean it, that you DO NOT care about your safety, in all matters, by what you choose to do, when you say, like the song says
    ‘oh lord, my intentions are good; oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.’
    …wont be a common rescue, you would get, as a prayer of mercy, if you don’t give it!!!

Never violate a position of trust.!!!!  You won’t hear the end of it. Having nothing is better than being violated by someone!

  • No appreciation is better than being unappreciated, like where you once were.
  • or a lonely heart is better than a broken heart.

Do you appreciate having to spend all your time and $ to defend from onslaught of stressors? Advertisers etc.?