🐇 *when your life is more like a halloween story, than a normal year.. that neighbors play onto your fears about?

It is a story about..
* Where the woman of the wildlife sanctuary is drove crazy, and then uncrazy, when the animals get their revenge.

Where a man, who exacts his unrequieted revenge, by taking it out on innocent rabbits, of someone elses sanctuary, of which he tries to say they are his victims, he owes revenge to? NOT. And he recruited many others, with charasmatic lies, to help him or is it they were just in it for the money?

It is a story where …
*the rabbits rise up, and capture him, and do the same things to him, without letting him die. REVENGE ON REVENGE?
— like hunt him, day and night, without allowing him any sleep, as if have no life, as stand behind dark open doors with weapons, when being crazy, mad, immature, doing drugs, and group contagion which is like fillowing with a bad crowd succombing to peer pressure, etc where would do bad things, others in group are doing.
— Their only purpose is to be like a starving hunt dog. or military vigilantes that take shifts, to keep on the run.
— Not let have any family or fun with them.
— Not let get to enjoy the peace and quiet and sunlight, without total death threat, every second.
— Have helpers trespass, on supposed sanctuary areas have, and put things in path, to make hurt feet, when have to sneak around to get food, like the Jews who hid out with help.
–so in a sense …
$ try to surround,
$ Try to disable,
$ try to scare to death, With. 🔫🔫
$ try to show off homes, that once was his and his family’s land, while he is having to live in the woods.
— or
$ like kidnap, to a remote island, where him and his family will be ripped apart and
$ will be only ones that are outcast and homeless, like illegal aliens.
$ tell him ‘oh you are a wild man and you cannot take up residence anywhere, or feel safe, any second of the day.’
$ if he gets caught, he gets tied up, hands and feet, molested and tortured to death.

There is no real reward or is there? Like who is paying them to do it?
– A government research grant? 😱 plus it is more fun to be mean to someone who was mean to you than to someone who is innocent like he did.
$ blame it all on the money… that him and his family are worthless and only money matters that could get, for getting rid of him.

* it is repetitive cycle, until all the hunters that he let hunt, and their helpers, are captured, abused, and killed.
It’s a small world, pompei (pumping) perverts, you made them die for science, now you all will?
.. it is simply put, as you did..
“We need some science perverts, to feed ‘ the car-ni-bal, who you must have called boss”. I know this, because you stupidly give yourself away.
— we are not going to make any effort to save him and his family from the carnibals.

To the story
— pictures posted on facebook and other media, as secret fun talks abound, of evil conquests, and deepen the ugliness of the souls having to do it, as getting even is.

Back to reality so soon?
** and this teaches his children to beleive, there is no consequences to acting like has a right to revenge, except this halloween story..

Would you freind someone, whose picture looked like a stalker, took it, and used it to steal someone’s identity?
— Not a spy, but someone you won’t let close, cause they are mean, loud, rude, or obnoxious, and make others feel bad about self? So they hide behind animal pictures or their kids? Stalk people and their animals?

Not fooled anymore…

Do you really want to act jealous of what animals have?
— when you are not humanly smart enough, to not turn the tables on, and take control of situation? And when all they have is someone like you? What a joke!

Do you think it would be impossible to have consrquences of revenge be possible, when it sure was, for Hitler and his regime.
– If you dont get out of the cycle of abuse fueled by revenge, you go down with the ship. Any satisfsction is only temporary.
– Simply put “quit being a hunter, you revengeful bastard, if you know what is good for you.” Or whst comes around goes around is going to be the end of your world.

Charges like…
*cruelty to animals– under the guise
1 terrorizing with weapon and vehicles by day
2 hunting with dogs by.night
3. trespassing and
4. criminal harassment
5. beastiality – zoophile (leading to become pedophile)

Sociopath tendencies
-recruiting others to be accessories with … (cultlike)

// Is it a Mexican style mafia or war camp that keeps parking around my house.
// have they tapped my security system? They honk horns, when go anywhere on property, to intimidate a life you have.
// using dogs to estimate my wear a bouts with one on each side?
// phone and sound taps that when I yell they mute.. So you can’t use an ap or phone pictures to do inventory, because of them?
//They have stolen hardware to rabbit hutch.

//They steal stuff, when you leave so…you are not supposed to leave? Or risk all possessions to go to store for breakfast food?

Wouldn’t you want to kill them? Who do they think they are?

/ They have no life, and use military tactics to have someone be on guard, surveying? and am I supposed to think they don’t have bigger motives in mind, like to get all of the hutch, and everything, because who is that stupid to waste valuable time, waiting for me to leave?
–Or stalking just to be nosy?

It is a Criminal act.

You have a right to know what is going on? If I don’t you do not either! As if you can say
– someone did not pay bill or
– animals there aren’t paying rent
—so can shoot?

You aren’t paying rent, by stalking here, and you have not paid the community or police security bill you owe!!!

Carnivores eat my dust!

Part II – boomers gets boomed in boomtown