Investigate this….    002

Deeep down inside…
– is it because you want to understand, because you might owe them sympathy?
– is it because you have a sadistic evil heart? Like for a laugh?
– is it because you dont beleive their sincerity of sadness, so You are resp. for pushing it? and you think you have some God given right to do it?
– is it because you are just looking for a reason to leave, or a way out?
– is it because you had your fun, and you like to leave them crying?
-or you thought she deserved it? even if someone innocent got hurt?
– or is it funny to you, because someone innocent got hurt?
– is hearing someone cry a releif, to someone, besides the one crying?  is it supposed to be?
– what if it is a fake cry? so that you stop wanting to make them cry, to hear them cry? does that make you stop, if you know it?
– does hearing a fake cry help anybody, anymore than a fake lawsuit? fake money? fake credit? fake food?  not if they say, ‘oh thats fake, very unsatisfying’ ….

So… any way you look at it, the problem is in your fucking heart, not theirs!!!!