In daily life, we might all experience needs, wants, desires, etc. and have to cope with life.

Here is one scene of a cycle of self abuse (quick fixes, self medicating with?)
– Caffeine (upper)
– Nicotine (cigarettes, tobacco) (upper, downer) marijuana (upper, downer)
– Alcohol or Valiums (downers)
– Anger (up-negatively) depression (down- negatively)
– sex (up – down – positive way or negative way – unwilling or not permission)
– comfort food (unhealthy- meat) (downer)

Combining any, and all of the above, and continuing use, long-term, will cause you to lose self-control, in one form or another, and thusly would become self-abuse,, and… by knowing or seeing it happen to others, denying it could happen to you, is unrealistic, and a lie you might tell yourself. If it is even remotely possible that bad things would happen to you, you are not making a wise choice, in order to avoid abuse, and that makes it your own fault, thusly self-abuse.

You might say ‘why is that self-abuse?’, if you are experiencing relief or euphoria. Because, you cannot just do it once, and then it is hard to get out of the cycle, or get off the merry go round, before you experience the abuse that will come with it. You will always eventually have to quit it, and it won’t be easy, so it is like offering yourself a hard time, when you take them up.

The natural consequences of abuse can show up in different forms, like
– being more accident-prone,
– being overly rushed or stressed,
– job performance becomes low quality
– difficulty in relationships, unhealthy desire for sex, not just self-conflict
– longer recovery time, from anything you do…
– leading to cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity?
– Putting yourself in dangerous situations

You might be doing other things, too, that would be right to do, to self medicate, but if YOU are letting the above take over, you will still experience the abuse.

To stop the abuse, you have to substitute the above (phase them out, at the least) with things like
– wake me ups- exercise, cold shower, stimulating body scrubs
– anxiety relievers or calmer downers- meditation, exercise, calming teas, anything ‘spa’.
– energy boosters- energizing teas, snacks, health ones.
– pain relievers- exercise, natural sleep,
– anger resolvers- cold shower?
– Hunger, call on reserves- health food choices

Remember, you can only begin to experience euphoria, from the positive things, by not returning to the negative, that bring on abuse risks.. 😉

It is the first step to recovery, progress, getting a makeover, on the road to success.

YOU are the only one standing in the way of your success, if you take this train!!