One simple decision can affect your whole reality. Do you really think you have a choice, when there is only one morally right answer? Will it fit in with your other views, to where you have a healthy viewpoint?

What is starting in this new millennium? Hardly no safety? Who should pay up? Isn’t crime paying anymore? Do you think ‘open carry’ should be free, and only the armed are allowed outside? I DON’T, and I don’t mean gun clubs, or some licensing bureau gets to charge for some minimal, measly fee.


Are you stringent or strict enough for real safety for the multitudes?

  • If you have a gun, you will have to wear a foot monitor (ankle , that has GPS, as well as the gun monitor), having GPS, like tracking an i-phone, so that it knows everywhere you go. The device has to be visible and emit a warning, every hour. Outlaw old guns being used.
  • You will have to account online, for every bullet, you have, been given, or use, and you should have to defend every use, at a publicly viewable site, with a reasonable excuse, of which you probably don’t have.
  • You do not get a bullet proof vest, because you won’t be able to afford one and because you dont think you need one as first choice.
  • You will have to have written permission to use the gun, even via council, on your own land, or anyone else’s, including all those in the surrounding neighborhood.
    • You will have to notify them of every visit you make, with a gun, by phone, that is confirmed, by voice permission, as if you were spending more than $100. on their credit card. When, in actuality, it is your credit card that will be charged.
  • You will have to wear a foot monitor, that tells of where you go, because you are going to pay up to $5000. and not less than, per area you frequent.
  • This $ funds for safety will be for all unarmed children, animals, and adults security purposes..
    • Bullet proof vests,
    • Security measures, security monitoring, etc.,
    • Cameras that HAVE working microphones, DVRs,
    • Someone to watch or monitor, and SET UP cameras as are placed in areas, making PEOPLE LIKE you visible, without hiding places for you, for those who live there.
    • Also, the poorer the unarmed of the neighborhood are, the more you will be charged for being there.

Other privileges, you abuse, will be taken away from you, for instance,

  • computer or phone access, used to stalk and spy on those you are not in a relationship with, etc.
  • You cannot have the charge of anyone alive, or live with others who don’t want to… be armed and have to abide by these conditions.

And… if you don’t pay in advance, you are likely to be charged for even more unlisted considerations, to match your power play, with a lawsuit, that can put judgements on your house (taking your ownership from you and your children), your paycheck, and or sacrifice your social security benefits, etc. (easily, if you are in jail.) So to say shooting is for the benefit of your children would be joke.

Your liberties, in reality, are coming to an end.

  • You don’t appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature?
  • Then, you should not be allowed free reign in natural settings, ever again.
  • Esp. because you cannot bring safety, without fear and reign of terror, and taking of innocent lives.

If the police have to account, for what they do, on camera, by radio, etc., why shouldn’t you?!!

  • You will not want to give up your richs to have the right to carry a gun?
  • You aren’t saving anyone by having a gun?
  • You are causing stress, post traumatic in ‘freedom areas’, so why shouldn’t YOU be charged for that also, like paying their medical bills, whom enjoy scaring?
  • (These rules will apply for other weapons, such as bow and arrows. And ALL vintage styles will be outlawed, the same as bear traps were outlawed, unless you want one for yourself to be caught in, if YOU break the rules, and don’t pay the medical, for others, why should you get any?
  • no more licensing to kill.. You cannot intelligently give Informed consent to mature licensing appliers, who are, in reality, immature jerks.

If you can’t be reasonable now, you should be forced to be reasonable with these rules…



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