(Are they the only ones there, when you have the rule of ‘no untrustworthy people allowed, only those wanting to be trustworthy”?

They are untrustworthy, because …

  • They do not obey the rules.
  • They do not abide by the law.
  • They do not respect your wishes.
  • No reason is ever good enough to make them change their ways?
  • They do not care, if what they do makes you angry, and if it hurts you to be angry.  You think that is their purpose, as if it is revenge and you did something to deserve it.
  • They would like to make it seem that all the problems  of their world are your fault, by default of personality conflict with them.
  • They wont trust you, so you will still have no one, even if you give them a chance.
  • They try to get credit for good you do, but never the blame for your problems or you being upset.
  • They are almost sadistical, as delight in making you feel… 😦😣😟😩😱😵😨
  • They try to make you think you need them, more than they need you, like trying to know how to hack phone, computer, etc. before they know how to do anything worthwhile to pay for it, like they spend all their time figuring out how to ruin any advantage you might get. so wasting both’s time, as well as security experts.
  • They have more (bad) nerve than anyone gives them credit for. like a rule, you would never consider breaking, would maybe be the first one they would!😭
  • They seem to have to stay in your business, even if they don’t like you, because they gave ulterior motives, and wont seem to move on and find someone else to harass?
  • They will seem to take things too personally, because they are guilty, which gets in the way of innocent people being okay with you being upset, as they might accidentally take it personally, also.
  • Apparently they must forgive their own self, when they feel they need it, because they don’t voluntarily apologize, or ask for, or seek out forgiveness or acceptance for it, when they do things that prove they are untrustworthy.
    • Is that a roach or a pepper in my flat bread you made me for lunch?
  • When, where, how, and why will YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT being time for  their breaking point to give in to the next vengeful temptation, for something they never forgave you for? If they never learned how to rise above it, by practice and how satisfying it would be in the long run? because they think they are privileged or have the right to do deny your rights?
  • Will or did they take advantage of you, where they think you are disadvantaged, by being unreasonable? Such as if you are poor, single, or young and inexperienced, or pressed for time?
  • Do they act like they have a right to be untrustworthy, and maybe so do you? but you dont have a right to be paranoid about it?:o
  • Do they laugh evilly in the face of karma? 👺as if it doesn’t exist but they do? 👀
  • Only 10% of the time they hoped and prayed it didn’t exist, when their untrustworthiness was out of desperation, or some semblance of a reason that might warrant sympathy or mercy?

They should be mandated to take a trustworthy class or be put on full-time community supervision, like with an ankle bracelet. Trust is vital to establish and like ‘Humpty Dumpty’, would be hard to put back together if fall.

Or do you stand by them, because you are on the untrustworthy person checklist also?

If it is too complicated to change or research or wait for legal approval, do you become a pawn or a simpleton, who is easy to persuade? Is it easier to continue bad ways and to try new bad ways, than to continue good ways and try new good ways?

They say innocence is naive, but is it?😇  It just comes down to whether you truly want progress or not? and if you don’t make the right choice, you are not qualified to be an authority that is unsupervised or uncaged, like a dog who won’t quit peeing on the carpet. Is that you?

I sure wouldn’t own it or defend it, if it was me , because for sure, then, I would not be anything more than a simpleton who is thinking no one  is qualified to question it, because then I would really be sorry to question the availability or existence of wise men.

Patience is a virtue and to quote myself:

Beyond instinct is wisdom.