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Massage benefits 👌

by Kathy Stevens, LMT

With the ever-increasing population, high tech (unnatural) living, and growing cities, the daily stresses of living in crowded areas is not going to improve without increased health improving options.

Massage is LAVISH ATTENTION that is becoming more sophisticated, advanced; and evolved, by more people every day, to better help each other perform better.
o Having a professional massage, done right, MAY be the best natural, drug-less, no side effects, stress relieving choice there is.

The many reasons for getting a massage are:
1. due to chronic stress, need to lower overall stress level, or at the least to pamper self by getting regular massages at a discount or at least to fullest benefit.
2. due to coming off alcohol or drug addiction, need to assist body functioning of detoxification.
3. due to repetitive injury, need to realign body, relax, and lesson noticeableness of the pain of the injury, and create positive body memories in the injured area.
4. Due to compulsiveness issues (overeating, overexciting yourself, overworking, overexposure, etc.) when have gone to extremes. get immediate help for pain relief– to lower pain level, in a certain area, remove pain blockages, improve circulation to the area.
6. to just take the plunge and try it for the first time, to see how others get help with massage, and try to understand what they are talking about?

DO YOU DESERVE OR NEED A MASSAGE? Does it require some level of maturity and being in touch with reality? 😦


  • If stress gets you down, overloads and causes depression, then you should get a massage. It works wonders!
  • Massage is nurturing medicine for the illness of stress.
  • IF YOU REALLY CARE, and ARE ON THE BALL WITH LOVED ONES, A SPA PAMPERING MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATE IS JUST ONE WAY? YOU CAN CHEER THEM UP.  If the change is a temporary one, you will not need a fortune. At lease one a year could not hurt your pocket book.
  • Prevent permanent damage to parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and therefore disability.
  • Heighten your perspective, and remain in control of your senses and health, and not leave so much to chance, of what you ingest, to get comfort pleasure satisfaction or acceptance. In other words to get physical pleasure from something besides food.
  • It causes temporary ignorance and bliss, rather than torture of turning to undesirable dependencies.

You can still put the smile back on your face, short of JESUS, with Jesus. (it is not a sin).

Keeping up the good work is up to you coming back, when you need to, supporting any follow up tactics for your (not expecting free) own good, if I’m keeping up the good work at MY EXPENSE,

Even though the services may sometimes seem expensive, don’t overlook all the sacrifices the natural health care support team has made to be able to bring the aspects of the dream to its fruition.

We can’t eradicate all pain and sacrifice, but massage for natural health can be a reward for the people, community, and the organizations that bring it to us, and makes it possible to attain the rewards.

In addition, massage is a great preventative to illness, in line with natural health and happiness, as you do not have to have an illness to benefit from massage.  The rich and famous have known this for centuries, and for everyone’s sake should be approached for the right reasons, through understanding and self respect.


What do you expect to happen?
— DURING- be calm and nurtured?
—  AFTER- be calm and energized?

If massage can help people stay or get healthy, esp. aid the journey, relieve pain, etc., without drugs that might have side effects, that could cause more sicknesses, in addition to the one being treated for, then
… why isn’t it more often the ‘drug of choice’ instead, and gladly paid for by insurance companies?
… In order to save money and careers in insurance?
… to make it affordable, a viable option, and
… save the insurance companies, due to the preventative benefits,
… as well as lifesaving benefits it has, such as if it helps your heart, it is preventing the #1 killer disease.

*A GOOD MASSAGE MAKES TIME (for you, of course)
… Is not indulgent or wasteful,
… UNLESS contraindicated, it delivers.
… Material possessions might wait until next week, so you can feel good, to earn, with an IMPORTANT massage?


  • It is a beneficial and productive use of your time, and is quality time for yourself, that improves your health, rather than otherwise, feeling like having a good nights sleep, in one hour.
  • Professional massages, after a workout, increases recovery time 3 times faster.
  • Personal ‘ME’ time, to take a break, take a load off your heart, time out, relax and enjoy. A rest is always good for your heart in a busy day, and could be lifesaving, and therefore have the benefit of more good years.

(In reality, there are more benefits when done regularly)

  • No true perfectionist would be achieving true perfection, without massages.
  • better growth and development of health and well being, more energetic.
  • Decreases need for medication sometimes, so may save money on medical bills, reduce insurance claims?
  • Financial and time-wise you have more time to do more enjoyable things than suffer or sit in a doctor’s office or in bed.
  • Not just if you do it, like it is a one-night stand or a joke? You have to respect and trust, and ask yourself about any benefits you expect to happen, and will they happen, if it is just one massage, for a lifetime? That would be expecting a fricking miracle, eh? Why try so hard to get just one and have to try all over with another therapist? Whom would the joke really be about?
  • Don’t lie to yourself about how it helps, like
    …. being hard to please, and
    …. how it seems illegal, and
    …. don’t even support such a notion?
    …. Moreover, don’t do in your chances in of getting another one? Esp. an affordable one?

On the other hand, lie and right it off as a last resort luxury?


  • Massage-good for superficial nerve problems, shaking area from energy blocks, vibration, friction and shaking- activating large fibers around area (not always direct).
  • It normalizes heart rate and breathing, AS it induces relaxation, (may promote better sleep and ease up insomnia).
  • It eases congestion and concentrated energy blocks, could help relax tense muscles (relaxing massage), could esp. work on alleviating spasms/spasticity by concentrating on lengthening shortened muscle tissues and range of motion.
  • It improves circulation, such as scalp massage improves circulation in the brain, lessons stiffness, and lengthens tight muscles, range of motion, flexibility, (support joint and bone function), and IMPROVE sense of balance (noticed after even one 30 minute chair massage), improves skin tone (may promote younger looking skin,. lessen any scars).
  • It hastens detoxification– removal of toxins and waste (esp. after exercise), that strengthens immunity, as it increases natural killer defense cells that ward off viruses and kills cancer cells.
  •  🙂 Produces endorphins, feel good hormones of which causes a decrease in the pain you are feeling, draws attention away from it and may only be temporary. if you can’t stop source of pain (in fibromyalgia, lower back, migraine headaches, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel strains, sciatica and others health issues.


  • It can be sedative, stimulating, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and or esthetic (beautifying).
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Equalizes the circulation.
  • Reduces congestion, esp. like blood pools (such as ice packs).
  • Increases muscular tone and nerve force.
  • Improves digestion and nutrition.
  • Increases the excretion of urine.
  • Assists in removing all causes that continually depress the body functions.
  • 🙂 relieves pain.
  • Lowers body temperature. such as in fever.
  • When done, equalizes body fluid balance, if you don’t have kidney problems?

My speculations
…. that massage, may prevent liver congestion, like back reflexology and helping to detox, with at least a 5 minute back massage, which can ease the stress your liver is under and prevent gallstones, assuming other conditions are right, or
…. foot and lower leg massage may help tone muscles around arterial veins and thus prevent or delay varicosities.

In a hospital or if immobile (such as full body massage)

  • pleasant bedtime routine.
  • reduces incidence of bed sores or ‘chair’ sores.
  •  improves circulation in tissues (may not be getting).
  • Helps to keep joints flexible and longevity in ability to move around and be independent (feed self, etc.)
  • helps relax and sleep better with a positive focus.
  • caring touch gives positive emotions, establishes support and comfort and concern and guidance, (a tactile sense)

(Mind/body effects)
Massage is a natural complementaty or alternative treatment, because it effects natural changes, that are gradual and are and less traumatic, therefore

It is more likely to be healing, giving defenses a chance to procure momentum. The right way to recovery is a chance to gain up momentum, for defense to be procured, sometimes.

Though it may take longer, it may be less costly on your psyche, and the treatment is more endurable, doable, yet may be costly, if not supportive of healthy living, that would support less treatments necessary, but may be less costly treatments than otherwise?

  • As a mere act of kindness, it is good for the immune system, if it increases serotonin levels, like a dose of antidepressant, without the side effects.
  • Massage needs no definitive trials to prove it is effective at reducing current level of anxiety (caused by cortisol hormones) and relieving symptoms of stress? taking the pressure off you, no pressure put on, serene and calming immediately, through PERSONAL TIME OUT, letting you organize your thoughts, and lessen your confusion.
  • Your spine, as the control center for your mind and body, gets relief of congestion, better nerve conduction, and spinal muscles get more toned and this will help with all functions of the body, in a natural atmosphere, peaceful, pampering, comfort.
  • Sometimes it is healing and moisturizing, if gentle and rejuvenating; if brisk, it is invigorating (increases feeling of energy) to alleviate effects of chronic fatigue syndrome, improving circulation, tone, long lasting, giving pain relief.
  • Caring touch gives positive emotions, establishes support and comfort and concern and guidance, (a tactile sense) heightens your good mood, makes your day, as you feel more grateful.
  • More likely to be developing trustworthiness and self-control,, as can make life (yours and others) seem more responsible.
  • More tolerable, when going through common illness,, when and where massage therapy would be indicated.

(Aesthetic) (Are you sure?)
Try to maintain a healthy attitude, get a massage, as it is anti-aging, no matter what is going on in your life that is willing you to strive harder, rather than better, and then avoid causes of stress.

  • a truly relaxing massage, stops your squinting, over tensing, etc. and
  •  Is gentle and soothing, and only deep in trigger point areas.
  • Massage, that is deep to the point of pain, is more tensing, more irritating, risk bruising, and therefore not very healing.
  • Regular massages can be deeper gradually, requiring advanced certification.
  • A medium massage will usually remove congestion etc. to give benefits.
  • Definition of cool?
  • Regular massages can help you keep looking good, pampering self, and feeling sophisticated; what a combo, male and female inclined to agree.
  • Feeling good to complete chance to look good, tension free, more healthy feeling DETOX, flushed with a natural rosy glow of good circulation, like exercise, without all the work.
  • Quick recovery from pain?
  • silky and toned surface skin?
  • Feeling confident and emotionally assured and irresistible?

Employment benefits (such as by on-site chair massage)

  • Reduces on the job stress, occurrence, and therefore absenteeism; assist with help against repetitive (overuse) injury, improve workplace satisfaction, increase productivity, better job performance, better relations (happy mood).
  • Employment appreciation (in summer, when need a pampering break on nice days out of hot sun), if a person feels better from massage he or she will have better job performance, and be thankful to have a chance to make money and not hurt doing it
  • (can help hospital workers)
  • Offers employees something new and different, and con boost their morale.

There are millions of people, who work every day, that could use the help of alleviating their stresses through massage and hydrotherapy techniques, regularly, for longevity and natural health, and beauty, and with practice, it is has positive results for clients.

(Prevention of developing criminal profile/tendencies?)

  • When people start going through puberty, to prevent sexual tension, or sexual attention, before marriage? Dating, etc., should go to a massage therapist.
  • While you feel better some how, your mood will improve, and thusly so will your ability in relationships, the more you do, honestly, without a front, naturally, to have more complete natural health, lessening violent tendencies.
  • Have insight into your desire to keep your freedom. Lesson your need for drugs, alcohol, and unsafe sex, and better your mood, and relationships.
  • Easing compulsions or mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety, and aiding anger management, as well as general aging, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc. that are usually interrelated, balances energy meridians, relieves tension, esp. prevents and relieves sexual tension, so prevents overpopulation, rape, and violence (full body only)
  •  (This ruins their fun of trying, as feeling foolish, for using that as reason for wanting to get a massage?)
  • The people that want sex from are not going to PAY for a massage, so a professional therapist is not going to do it unethically.
  • But should rapists or potential rapists, athletes and strong people who are healthy, that could be a threat to sexually? Be REQUIRED to seek help from massage therapists to relax? AND FEEL LOVED.
  • Prevent a need for drugs and drinking, to let lose and relax, natural, with no side effects, great before tense events.
  • It is cheaper than a drug addiction with health benefits, not side effects, so you can be consistent, on time, and dependable in work, etc., even if you are single.

High achievers, jet setters, can get benefits for self for sure?

  • Safer driver, no road rage…
  • less thinking of pain means better reaction time.
  • Better ‘sport’?
  • Hard work you have done seems like far off -dream, YET still accomplished, with less REGRETS?

…When you reward yourself with one or more massages.


  • Chance to meditate and overcome a temporary state of mind and not be hurting for it.
  • If you are more inclined to do the will of God, with a naturally healthy way by meeting your basic needs, you may live more in spiritual harmony with others.
  • Good timing is a very positive characteristic to reward, and is spiritually based.
  • A reward deserved? Or will paying for a massage help atone for a sin that caused your pain? IS source of pleasure a worse sin than vanity?
  • Ethical Professional Massage is a good step for prevention of sin and health issues, and it may not always complement other treatments in health programs, if you let things get out of hand with your health.

Please note: Someone trained in massage therapy also does hydrotherapy.
I choose not to be in pain, so for those who cannot have massage, they may be able to have hydrotherapy, or both with partial treatments.


  • produce sweating…increase the activity of the perspiration glands, eliminating broken down tissue cells and noxious matter, and
  • probably you will get many of the euphoric feelings, and the benefits of massage, if followed by a massage.

All in all, if you do not smile once after getting a massage or other body treatment, you deserve a refund, or a referral to someone for having too much pain.


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