PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE SEEDS OF WISDOM. I am intending to wise you up, and get you thinking in the right direction, which is not mostly in the past. 

If someone good and innocent is being hurt by it, unnecessarily, it is not a good past to carry forward.

– Do you live in the past, a bad past that you do not feel you can resolve, or feel the need to resolve, before you live in the present?
– Do you live in the past, like under traditional prejudices? And try to hold it against others, in the present? Like slave work? Religion?
o That is not applicable to present day time?
o That should not be applicable to present day time?
o That is not working, because of technology or increased population? Of which you can’t say you haven’t succumb to or would have to?
– Why live in a bad past, if you don’t have to?
– How can you forge a positive future, and enjoy life, ‘as we go’?
– A bad past, would be one that would not support you, in a way that others are being supported, and you could be, as well?
o Such as ‘no need to live in the woods, without food and water, even if you are a wild animal? When accommodations could be arranged?’
o There is no need for anyone to be heartless, in this day and age, or be physically or mentally deprived.

For instance,
o Do you live in the bad past, like a caveman? (It is one place, that many started to prove the point.)
o Do you follow bad and unhealthy traditions? As if you do not have the power or authority to change it, at least for your own life?
o Do you do bad sports, or have bad habits, that have a tendency to send you into a downward spiral? Health wise, relationship wise, occupationally?
o Do you have a tendency to get caught up, in the moment of things, like a pawn to the bad tradition, without having the chance or opportunity to make an up-to-date decision, in keeping with the present times, so it drags you along with it, on it’s way down, because you did not try to change it, at an earlier date, when you had more power or control over your circumstances, like you could have been proactive, in foreseeing the consequences of your actions?
o Do you feel obligated to uphold traditions that you are beginning to find fault with, in bringing you the happiness that it once did? Like you feel your positive growth is stunted, in a negative way?
o Do you live in the past, as something of familiarity to hold on to, which alone is not wrong, but comforting.  Yet, even though it is not your past, you create a lifestyle, like an illusion, that is rebelling against rules made, and then, you don’t have a full enough imagination to pull it off? Unknowingly or unawares, this would be causing discontent, but to uphold your thoughlessness, you are not backing off or adjusting for balance? Such as trying to use swastikas, from Hitler regime?  Or flying confederate flags, etc. that had they not stood for bad memories, they might have been cool, such as a giant peace sign cooler than a swasticka…
o Do you think you have your right to your own opinions, but think it won’t lead back to you, as a result of actions that take place, like as if you won’t have to take personal responsibility? Like the repercussions of your opinions, and support, can cause undesirable actions, and you are at least an accessory?
o Are you trapped in the past or just being cold to all those around you, by what you expect support in being able to do? Like does it bring satisfaction, because of emotional release, even if it is on an innocent party, called misplacing blame? Like constantly racing motors or motorbikes in quiet country areas, in order to take the benefit from everyone? How thoughtful, right?
o Do you, in a sense, disallow freedom of the good, like it is a safety issue, but allow the freedom of you, to be bad the good? As if you have the right?
o Do you live in the past that plays on the fears of others, who have grown up or moved on, like a bully who pulls a little girls pig tails, or keeps on picking on the type of girl you pick on. Sounds like a personal problem,  because it is like an addiction, that other’s cannot stomach?
o Do you live in the past, by hunting, or some thing, that is bringing you satisfaction, with a negative impact, on all those around you? And see no way to the future, without it?  a future that others don’t want to share with you!

o Have you become a cancer on society, by your living in the past, and refusal to change and support a healthy lifestyle? Like by what you eat?

Don’t be a cancer on society
… Don’t be a cancer, by having the right supply and demand, demanding what would not be requiring killing and not being a deformed, unuseful part of society, by requiring the unnecessary taking of life.

Do you have any humanitarianism in you?  Peacekeeping ability? Compassion, integrity? If not, how do you survive with others without constant conflict? If you do things, like hunting and bullying and revenge on masses of innocent? Where do you get your love, from hate? NOT! That is living a lie.  Are you resisting being a decent person, as if that would stop others from expecting it from you?

So, if using this excuse, is living in the past, really solving problems, if you are not deeply concerned, or consuming time with resolving the problems, and preventing problems, like being in the gap, not running from the scene of the crime, but being there to prevent crime?

Is living in the past not really having a higher standard of the law?  Even in religion, there can be set standards, to at least try to follow, but the higher standard is what is supposed to keep you safe and out of conflict, of your own purposefulness, and that will keep you in the present, and able to do a reality check.

You don’t want to be caught in a bad light, so why put yourself there, or live in it, for even one moment?  Like you might unfortunately try to hunt, but then run, from being caught, or try to elude being caught? In order to keep on being able to do it? or get help, like hunting from different directions, so the true problem, is you, if not pinpointed or targeted, like you do? Continue as if you will never get caught eventually, and if you do, it won’t be hardly proven, if the one who caught you is still alive, since YOU disposed of the ones that aren’t? As if your exploiting, won’t get you exploited, by those you are trying to impress, like you are their pawn, because you are a low life, and low life’s get exploited. And the only way to change being a low life, is to have higher standards. It is not new knowledge that you can deny by shooting at it.

If you are living in a past that you would have satisfaction in living in, it does not justify having some right to revenge. you are in a sense saying I can accept the past better than the present? Or you wo uldn tg go there?

? Do you live in the past to escape an uncertain future, as an escape for an undesirable present, or
? Do you prefer the past, because of the people you were with, but the present people do not match up, such as they were funny, but led the wrong kind of lifestyle, as they lived as if too rich or extravagant, and you don’t have the money anymore to live like that? 
? Do you prefer the good ole days, but you were having fun the wrong way, that was almost like self abuse, such as partying, eating bad foods, etc.?

? Do you have a hard time moving on to someone new, or letting go of what you had with them? But you cannot figure out a way to make it right again with them?

? Did you never have a good past, so you made one up? Like borrowing off of someone else, maybe trying to hold it against them, like it is your turn now? Maybe they didn’t accept you for how you were, but they have to now? Because you are throwing it in their face? That us not being happy with moving on.

? If you live in the past, do you find it hard to accept that someone has grown up? Or to be mean to someone or others, like to hold something over their head that they did in the past, but that they do not do now? And they dont like it?

? Do you live in the past to insult someone, like to call them a wallflower, a book worm, a goody, goody two shoes, when they have changed?  What benefit do you get oout if it, to drive them to an extreme?

? Do you live in the past of how you think you can victimize or make fun of someone, that might no longer apply, so you would get tricked, and deserve it? Are you doing it as a way to keep them from getting ahead or having anything good for their life, like jealousy, that is uncalled for? Or out of pure meanness or spite, like to insult them, because they are younger than you, as if they have to live by standards that you have been fortunately able to uphold, but not them?

? Do you like to totally destroy things, trying to escape the past, like reminders of someone else’s success? Proving you were jealous, because you didn’t take the time to recycle properly, and just rushed in, and whacked it all up, like an emotional release, probably wishing it was killing something, instead of trying to change something that really needed to be changed or demolished, like your hunting skills? And your morbid closeness with death and disease? Like destroy someone else’s yearbook, because YOU didn’t graduate, or because you couldn’t afford one? Or steal precious momentos of other peoples past, from friends and family, that you are jealous of, like to make them look bad, as if they didn’t have friends and family that loved them?

? Do you destroy things that you could never really afford to just give away, like a car? Like at one of those car bashing events? What internal anger you must have that you have not resolved, constructively? Yet, will you pay a huge price for the habit of holding in this kind of anger and not letting it out, in less than constructive ways or healthful activities?

Will you, living in the past, a bad past, cause others to live far ahead of you in the future, to escape YOU, and become extremists? so the balance of the world is off, because of you living in the past, and refusing to accept your reality and to make it a better one?
To do things that people who live in the past cannot accept, like
? being gay, or living with others out of marriage,
? doing drugs and not hiding it, etc.
? Or everyone going vegan, raw foodist?
? noone taking the time to just show others a good normal time, accepting of the present, and trying to make the most of it,?

Is having a dream, that is like those of the past would have, an unrealistic dream? 
? like wanting to have a farm and live off the land, to have and raise chickens and other farm animals, but not be within the laws of USDA regulation?
? To raise children with a dream, too far in the past, is not fair to them.
? To break laws, like you could get away with, in the past, but could easily get caught in the future, like child molestation? Spousal abuse?
? Because of changing country laws, when no longer considered living in the ‘country’ anymore, when other people’s houses are less than 100 feet away from your driveway?
? To not make immigrants aware of the distinction of your problem with the past and lead them on that they can follow your bad example? Is not at all good for the community of anywhere.
? because of technology, living in the paat will make you hurt, in the present, trying to live in the past, the same way, for the same benefits, with the future on your tail?
…. Such as cell phones and internet capabilities, GPS, etc. where everyone has a cell phone camera?
? Where there is plenty of food, or organizations like food banks, etc. willing to help? People who you try to intimidate or ostracize to get your evil way? Who would help, without passing social judgment.

Do you live in the past, as to what you promote, as if it is still okay to promote unhealthy stuff, like
…. cigarette ads? 
…..High cholesterol foods and activities where high cholesterol foods are being served, as if it is still okay? 
…..To promote activities like going to bars, that women are being drugged and abused? 
….And not think you are in for a long bad ass ride to nowhere’s ville?

Do you hold on to the past, like hold on to things, that once brought you comfort, such as highly allergenic carpet, or furniture, that has no washable covers? As if you are less easily affected by allergens, and that others are not important that might have shown up in your life, are not of consideration?

Does your living in the past mean that you just don’t get it? and maybe never will?  That you think you can get away with things that you really can’t and that you won’t or have not been suffering the consequences of how you lived in the past, and that it is fixing to catch up to you?
….like if you smile too much, you get laugh lines, is a visible consequence, but some consequences are not always visible.
….like lung cancer from smoking, or prostate cancer, from riding the hell out of motorcycles.
…. Or the lack of positive relationships that don’t support your bad habits and that don’t want you to suffer or take them down with you?

Realizing that how you lived in the past, might not be so perfect, is part of accepting reality.
….not living in denial, and make amends with it, before you move on.
….Not taking other’s with you, or back to that, and
…allowing them to help you to move on, is part of pleasing them, that you need them, in the present, and that it is better than trying to live in the past, and what negative consequences it might have had, that you fixed, so we all can hopefully move on from it, learning from the past, not dwelling on it.  Showing that we have power over our future, as we have the capability to make positive changes now, and not be dinosaurs.

Is living in the past, like living too much on paper, or some pipe dream? It may amount to nothing, if it is solving your problems in the process.

? If you are too busy living in the past, and others are doing the same thing, noone is hearing anyone begging for understanding, help, and mercy when need it, and it being given? So it is neglectful. It would be like watching TV all day, when you have a child that needs looking after, as if you are supposed to babysit the TV people.

You may have sympathy for yourself, and feel sentimentally attached, or nostalgic, but you should have sympathy for yourself that you can’t live well in the present, and you should try to do so. Staying caught up, is more staying in touch, where it is most likely needed, and not trying to drag people back to it. That proves your life is worth something, not just your money you have earned, when you can show people the right way, and keep supportive people around, who can continue to do so, because they are being shown the right way, not misled, and can learn to find acceptance in being able to do that.

o Do you feel frozen in time, in a bad way?
o Is there a reality you won’t face? Like how many realities you won’t face? Almost all of them?  Is it a reality that you are getting old, don’t have enough money or time, etc.?
No matter what the reality is at least don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes, when there is so much hope, you don’t have to settle.  Hope is of the future, and so is creating legacies.
o See facing up to the reality of what you can do now.