When you are feeling like fighting or fleeing, it is because
..someone is trying to kick you out of the flow?
..is, has been, or would be hurting you?
..had scared you, whether intentional or unintentional?

To say ‘go with the flow’, like nothing happened might be only the first option, but if they do it again, and then again and again, would not be proactive.

When you are assertive, and tell them NO, or you purposely avoid them, and they dont get the message, why aren’ THEY drawing the line?

They think they are some kind of boss or authority, in how they are looking for negative attention, without fear, or as if they are immortal, but you think they are disgusting… and are not willing to cooperate? And they dont think they should watch their back, on how they treat people?

They are like becoming a ‘thing’, an ext ernal stressor, and that is not an endearing quality that someone should do, to give them such a ‘big head’!

If you feel the need to wear a bullet proof vest around them, much less ear plugs, will you have to put them in a straight jacket, to safely repay them, for all their supposed hard work or kindness?

See “why you should not give as someone stress’