(Excerpt from my book)

*walking funny? Sitting too much? or Wrong? or sensitive?

*in shower-do leg scrubs, butt, & lower back, with Epsom salts and liquid soap or shampoo, in palm of hand or ground rice (wont melt as fast, if gets wet). to break up congestion and promote circulation.

*exercise… self weight lifting…
-standing leg lift swings
-squats standing or as hands behind on couch or bed.
-butt lifts -when laying down on back.
-side lying or hands and knees… knee leg lifts.

*use foam pillows under legs and behind back, to take all pressure off butt bone.

*For diarrhea, like from coffee, put  psyllium seed powder in coffee with ginger and cocoa, and it be like coffee jello, but will not have diarrhea, and will help circulation and releive inflammation if with ginger, and yet have benefits of coffee.

*Do not do heavy lifting. Use aids.

*How about stop paying to support stealing others’ lives! Become a vegan!