Vegetarianism may sometimes be a personal preference, such as when converting from a junk food diet to a healthy vegetarian fare.

Unless … you are a mother, who is raising your children to eat healthy, along with you, and your mate is very accommodating, most people who cook , may not have much room for experimentation and whims, in a transitional vegetarian diet, when having to consider the likes of others.

I realize that the only reason my vegan diet has been so successful for me, is, I have had plenty of time to learn about vegetarianism, through my practice, with my food preferences as a guide.

It is not really more expensive to be a vegetarian than it is to eat unhealthy foods. Take for instance about ordering a pizza. If you insist on a pizza, with no cheese, no meat, and have to order refried beans and fajita vegetables, in an olive oil vinaigrette, served on a high fiber flat bread, and in a sense turn it into a Tex-mex pizza pie, and then you calculate the cost of the ingredients, you will find the Tex-mex pizza is a lot cheaper, and healthier. Instead of being high in cholesterol, it is a cholesterol buster. High cholesterol pizzas are so irresistible, that just the mention of the name, and people want the real thing, and would have a hard time finding anyone who would make the healthy choice with you, as health foods are usually a mood thing. Even if two people are into health food, one may be in the mood for a smoothie and the other for hash browns and cereal,plus. 

Beans are 10 times cheaper and grow 20 times faster.. and can be readily available and free at food banks. 

There are a few hints that helped me and can be helpful to someone interested in cooking the vegetarian way.

  • When in doubt, reach for beans. Almost every recipe on the planet could have beans, in some form, substituted for meat or dairy. That is why soy beans are so useful.
  • Begin with stir fries and sauces. Thinning out beans in a sauce makes them less gassy and hardly noticeable as beans. Any sauce that does not turn out well can always be turned into a veggie burger using 1 part flour or dumped into a whole grain pie crust and topped with a salsa. LOL.  You could end up with 5 -10 delicious pies by the time you finish doctoring it up.
  • Look at the source, and do not follow the ‘I hate soy and tofu’ crowd. If you are not even willing to try health food products, even with soy, and believe that soy causes cancer, when meat is what causes cancer,BUT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU QUIT MEAT,  then maybe you are meant to be unhealthy? destined to be unhealthy? NO`. Soy is the best substitute for eggs, because of soy lecithin, which is good for the brain, not eggs, which can block healthy blood flow to the brain, and cause misfiring of synapses. also, soy lecithin is a fat emulsifier, meaning it helps break down fats to leave your body. This is so crucial and critical for detoxification in your body, which is the most important thing to detox potential cancer cells. If you do not choose to eat soy meat substitutes, at least add soy lecithin granules to your shopping list. DO NOT EAT EGGS RAW OR IN A SMOOTHIE!  If you do you might as well be asking for heart issues or gall stones.
  • Have fun creating your own recipes, and doctor up foods with health foods, as if it is a ‘life and death’ matter, and an insult, if you are given unhealthy foods, and no choice for health foods. No ‘kill’ is worth getting cancer for. Even if you have a recipe for a fast food that you like, making the recipe taste the exact same is hard, without the right equipment, so admit, our taste buds have to get used to eating what is not the best recipes in the world, and this opens up the possibilities for healthier foods and learning the best nutritional needs, by taste and results.
  • Use your instincts and judgement. Do not kill yourself trying to be a strict vegetarian. Face it, sometimes you cannot pass up on cancerous cravings you may get, but look on it as a luxury, not as the crux or essence of your diet, as a reason you might be feeling that way.
  • Depending on the type of person you are, you may find it easier to totally abstain from meats, and that is good, also, ‘to be accepted with thanksgiving, by them who know and believe the truth. (I Timothy, The Bible) ‎

Face it, vegan food is food everywhere, and in every country! You cannot lose knowing how to prepare it.

Created By Kathy Stevens … 8/‎12/‎2012