I am not sure if anyone else has noticed it, but my whole life, I have really never enjoyed riding bicycles. Like other females, we do not like the seats of the bicycles, as they are very uncomfortable.  So , many females do not ride bikes, but you see and hear plenty of boys on them, and men, on motorcycles.

I hate to share this epiphany, but I am sure the males have less problem with bike riding than females, because they have a ‘cushion’ to sit on.  This could be a problem, though.  If it were me, I would not take advantage of this part of my anatomy, and use it as a cushion.  If the males are concerned at all about prostate cancer, they should not take advantage of this ‘cushion’.

I lost my father to prostate cancer, and he was an avid bike rider.  I’m just saying…  the meanness, not just the noise factor, some kids partake in, on bikes, may bite them in the buttocks some day.

I am sure males would appreciate the right to know the truth regarding the error of their ways may not be worth it, where it really counts. Does a good father even care about the prostate of his son, and promote other ways to have fun? You could not pay me to take up a hobby that would knowingly cause me and other’s harm, but some would? to terrorize neighbors and the elderly?

Is it a cheap trick that time plays on fools, who rush in, for cheap selfish thrills? or revenge of horse breeders, who took great care in making comfortable  saddles, but not bicycle seats, as if bicycle riding could replace horses back riding? i would even be concerned with riding lawn mowers and tractors that are not doing fields to feed thousands, only lazy yard mowers.