1. It is not a rewardable behavior by anyone, legally or ethically.
  2. You give someone stress, and you make them jumpy, and no telling what they are likely to do, but not on purpose, like your stress giving would be.
  3. If you give someone stress, you might as well be hitting someone from behind, who has a loaded gun, who may turn around and shoot you.  I am not condoning it, but I feel giving stress is a high-risk behavior that is unsafe.
  4. Giving someone stress is not a social skill.  It is a social ‘unskill’.  It detracts from every social skill or positive quality you have.  If you want to alienate people, then give them stress.  They will not stay around you, and if they do, it would only be because maybe they plan to get even or will at first chance.  I personally do not want to spend my time to ‘watch my back’, for people that I intentionally upset, when it is enough to watch your back, for people who you might have unintentionally upset, or who are crazy.
  5. For instance, If someone gives me stress that I just meet, I immediately turn from them, as someone I think is valuable, as a person I would like to know better, or get along with, etc. If a TV show is stressful, I find one that is not, and can easily quit paying for one, or supporting the one that is stressful to me.  The one that is stressful to me should be punished in my opinion.
  6. The only person, who might get away with it, is a prison guard who might stress out prisoners, who would deserve it, as a punishment.  The regular free person, in the free world does not deserve it.  They may work hard, to pay their bills, as they do not cause others stress, at the same time, etc.
  7. Do you think a young person has a right to punish people?  I do not.  Being young is no right or reason to get away with causing stress.  Anyone, even a young person, who knows how to make an effort, to get along with other people is not going to normally cause them stress, by being hostile, carried away with things, etc., other than out of control and neglected children, who if being cared for, will learn not to cause intentional stress, as the person may not allow it, in order for them to get their own way.  The parent, whose child is out of control, is not proving their parenting ability at all or that their priority is the child’s safety, or even their own health, with the child, or teaching the child that there is other people in the world besides their self to be considerate of feelings.  If a child has a parent who is high strung stresser, they should learn to follow after only the good ways of the parent, like a child of a criminal should not be accused of also being a criminal, if they do not follow after them, and many not if the parent was locked up, so should a child have to be disassociated with a parent who is high strung stresser, by lock up, or one way or another, for the child’s own safety, and encouraged not to follow that way, in order to have a fighting chance, if the parent won’t not condone his own behavior, in front of the child? A chronic problem no neighbor should pass along to another?
  8. See the psychology of natural health.

Living defensively
If you want to be cruising along in life, and less on the defensive, you have to pass the defensive test first, before you could even pass the trustworthy test, where you have the most freedom.

Like driving a car defensively, we need to live our lives defensively.  This means that every move we make, we need to gauge how it affects those around us, as well as ourselves.  If we obey right of ways, etc. we may have less conflicts with others.  This would mean the rights that others have to natural health, like not smoking around them, not abusing them or yourselves, for insurance benefits, not stressing them out, being rude or disconcerting, etc.

If you are a stressor outer, who wants to live their life, always on the defensive of people like you, who might come around at any moment, when they could live their own life, according to their own shedule? And it could be the law on their side, because when you get only so many chances to stop being that way, but you never take them?

You should not always allow yourself to be out of control, and do things that you would not want to be done back to you, such as appearing stressed, running behind, racing engines, squealing out (sadistic, hateful, and noisy scare tactics), riding in the fast lane, (partying equals wasting all the gas, when your poor children are doing without health food), breaking the law, like running red lights, speeding, pulling in front of others, road rage, hogging the road (bullying and disrespecting others rights), looking into cars, breaking into cars, (trespassing in yards at night), and other things, that is doubling others need to be more defensive (security conscious), when you need to slow down, or forcibly be stopped, through intervention, which may mean taking away driving privileges, equivalent to being put in jail.

Living in the country does not give you the right or freedom to do these things more, and is more likely to get you into deeper trouble, when you become habitually in the wrong, and are easily tired of or fed up with, by the law.

When your neighbor is being assertive and solving own problems that keep getting broke, like minding own business and handling stress you chronically dish out, it is soon realized that it will not be a long term solution, and is only a quick fix.  If the neighbor (the one in the car next to you) has to practically be in a league of a policeperson, or some higher authority, to put the fear into you, then you know something is wrong with you, and you are not trustworthy at all, and could never be fit for any mutual type relationship, which requires people not be heartless and make concessions for each other.

As always in life, the priority has to be to stop the negative situation, before fix the problem, so less time and money is wasted.  If it is you being the problem, that won’t quit, that may mean locking you up is the priority, and to save money one place, may have to spend it in another, since you won’t save it by behaving, like if you are out of control, and not (being an anti-sadist), not living defensively, but aggressively, and will not listen to reason (fear consequences), and cannot be trusted, when back is turned by the authorities, but could be in a cell, where mutuality is not the way, that you apparently can’t do, so won’t GET TO DO THINGS THAY WAY.  And never be worried by what anyone warns you of, like plea for mercy (car horn honks), of which you ignore (bad habit), because you lose the right to affect control, over your destiny, no matter what devious things you conjure in your mind.  You deprive people of their rights, by taking too many liberties, that cause them harm, and eventually they will be able to deprive you of yours, as fair representation under the law.  Why should your liberties come before people’s rights to health? They don’t, no matter what you have been force fed.

Why wait for something bad to happen to you, that is for the good of the community, when you could change voluntarily? Admit you have a problem, stop living in denial that you are on the wrong path, not the ones you are trying to force off the road, like to leave their home or jobs, unwillingly.

In the final analysis, people who are really hurt are a lot more convincing than the ones who hurt them, no matter how crazy someone calls them, who are really the crazy ones for hurting someone, and (old hick saying) doesn’t deserve a piss pot to piss in.