Heart disease is supposedly the number one cause of death in AMERICA!!!!  If you fear death, you should fear stress and cholesterol foods.

It is common knowledge that cholesterol causes heart problems.  You only have one heart.  It would hurt very bad to have to doctor it.

People die sooner and more often from heart disease than cancer. even people who have cancer, do not die  because of the cancer itself, but because of heart disease, most likely the stressful treatment.

The number one war for health causes should be against unnecessary stress, and cholesterol being seen as food, not stressing war and protecting rights to eat meat.

  • Meat eaters die of ‘heart cancer’, or they would, if the cholesterol did not block the cancer, and go ahead and kill them, because of blocking everything else, too.
  • Meat eaters end up dying way before anyone else who may be dying of cancer, caused by any thing plant related, unless they are a meat eater, too.
  • Also, they MAY never be able to ‘get to the point’, in time, to save their heart, afraid to bring attention to the fact, or blood flow to their brain is blocked.
  • Anti-cholesterol medications cause liver cancer, so it is defeating the purpose esp. if expecting long-term use.
  • Someone with high cholesterol, suffering the same amount of stress, as someone with low cholesterol will die sooner from complications, blockages, stroke, etc.
  • People who have low cholesterol, detox any cancer cells a lot sooner and faster than they would if they had high cholesterol.

People, who have high cholesterol diets, who are stressing out people with low cholesterol diets, to make them die sooner, are only proving the point they need to be in prison,

  • as depriving others’ of God given rights to live a healthy life, that they have worked hard to chose, and
  • they are not protecting their rights to eat meat, of which no one is depriving them of, and wouldn’t, even if they went to prison.