What is the mission, like of any work?  To save lives and help others by it?  It is one thing to be doing such important work, in order to save lives, and needing to hurry up and do it, but it is another thing, to be tricked into neglecting yourself, to save others, who may have chosen that path, and may be in no hurry to change.

It is your responsibility to save yourself, as a number one priority
You are going to work hard anyways, right, so why not save your life, as you go, before you get too tired.

  • Do not hurt yourself.  Come back to a place where you do not hurt yourself, and help yourself or get help.
  • Do not let it slide.  If you see something awful coming on, stop it, before it is too late.

A few major problems I am seeing:

Do not just be ‘used’, in order to get the work done.  

  • Are they going to even let you finish, without ruining your work before you even get the credit you have been earning? or
  • are they going to interfere, or set you up?  (Then they cause you to be let go, so that you get no benefit or pay off the deal.)
  • Are they paying you enough?  Is it guaranteed?  Do you have to trust or risk it, without any guarantees?
  • Are you making sure you are fitting in to the deal too?  Is it for you, too?  Or are you going to end up getting hurt?
  • Is all the effort, you have to put forth, worth it, if something happens to you?
  • Are they trying to hurt you, behind your back, in other places, like your family, when you are not looking?

Don’t always trust the path of others, such that might have got cancer, back problems, fatal accidents, etc., that did things the same way, and that no one is reminding you of?

If you have been hurt before, do not rush into it.  You will not save that much time by rushing it, esp. if you have to spend triple time recovering.

Do not be caught up in the rush, and start doing it right.  The goal is to finish the work, and enjoy what have, like afterwords workout and save self.  Will you do it, when you are done?

Common sense practices, that will make sure you aren’t rushed, and it may be more worth it, like

  • A good cause that does not expect dying for it or putting up with illegal activity?
  • Your own health and safety?
  • Being humane?
  • recycling?

Are they supporting you, like saving you, as you do the work, (those who are trying to be over you),

  • with no intention of letting you get hurt
  • not expecting you to rush into it.
  • Not wanting you to do it wrong, just to get it done or over with.
  • Not demanding you to meet some legal requirement or quota or social standards, as if more important than your health or life?
  • Will they let you take a personal inventory?  Take reasonable breaks?  Put health and safety first?

Do they like to see others be saved, even if different from them, such as goals, lifestyle, etc.?

  • They should not let you go on like that (suffering),
  • they should not discredit you, and
  • they should show their appreciation.

You may need to put a higher value on your life, but not unreasonably.

Do not let yourself go ‘to pot’.

  • as you try to do the work, do not put off getting help, until after, but then you do not?
  • Do not get carried away with doing something the wrong way,  and do not wait, until it is too late, to correct.
  • Make sure you have the right solutions, as you go, safety precautions, and then make sure you are caught up.
  • Procrastinate doing wrong, not doing it right.

Are you respecting yourself, along the way?

  • (as you work), like not letting yourself starve, not letting self get hurt?
  • Are you making it up to yourself, like after work, and eating right, treating self right, with therapy, and working out, to make up for sedentariness, rather than partying, as a reward?

Others may delight in seeing you suffer, or doing things the wrong way, like them, but what kind of friends are those?  Someone else’s?

  • If everyone is going to pot, what is the use?
  • Are they trying to call you crazy, if you focus your attention on your self, and leave things undone?
  • Do not get caught up in their type of suicidal behavior.
  • Are you keeping things under control, so they do not want you to leave, not causing problems, like control over your animals?  Over you children?
  • You should always control your obligations and responsibilities, and not expect others to pay for it, whom you do not share the benefits, thereof. If you pay for it, is that how you pay for it, by totally neglecting them and yourself, and be a negative role model?

Are others involved with you, willing to change, what they should, to protect you?  To keep you?  To stay around with you?

  • Are they making a diligent effort to limit and correct their faults, and not hold you responsible?
  • Avoid falling into a trap, like a trap where you get stuck with someone who doing things wrong, as they won’t be supporting you, like when something happens to you, they will be like ‘join the club’, and they will not be able to give you a helping hand, to pull yourself out, and don’t think they won’t abandon you, because they usually will.

Do not attract greedy, trying to make money off your hard work deal

  • (Who have plans to leave you out of your own idea or work?)
  • Are they trying to steal the credit?

Do not let the bad person ‘do you in’; assuming you know the type, I am talking about…

  • who wants to take over, and take all we have,
  • Who is like the bigger dog, or the predator?

Is their goal really to save lives, not let get set up, not let get scared off?  (Like yours)?  N?

  • You clean your home, so you can live your dream in it, (to save you, esp. and other’s lives, and not hurt others along the way, either).
  • (Then they act as if it is you or them, or demand that someone be sacrificed, to make the dream happen?)
  • So it isn’t ever done in time, no one saved, by the time you have spent trying to save someone?
  • So you will not get positive attention, by how bad it looks?  Or misuse your good intentions, like to hurt others, or invite others to hurt you?  So that it is unsafe?
  • to keep you from getting the good credit or money, or future jobs, usually secretly, and never making up for it?
  • Do they ever support you in the endeavors?  Or if anything, do they constantly complain, harass, or stress you out, trying to make you abandon?
  • Are they purposely keeping you dependent or unemployable?  Yet still wanting all your money?  Where would you expect to end up, on the street, and them with you?
  • So they try to blame you (lay blame on you) (you are always messing it up, so you must go)?
  • Let you blame others. (They are messing up, so they must go)?

PUT YOUR SECURITY AS A HIGH PRIORITY.  Are you in a safe place, undisclosed?  Protect your interests.  Do you have an escape plan?  Or visualize a safer future, and a safe harbor?

  • As if, you do not have enough things to worry about, having to pay for, to have more going for you, right?

Do not support those who ruin our security, throw unnecessary work at us, and constantly put us on the defensive, if they are not going to PAY EXTRA FOR IT, to keep us from wanting to hurt them bad!