Are you in charge of your health? If so, take full advantage of the confidentiality agreement, if ever you go to a doctor or other health care professional, including massage therapists.

YOU have to show you trust them, at the first, and at least be honest with them, about things that the symptoms could mimic worse conditions like

  •         if you have herpes (I don’t believe in)
  •         if you heavily smoke, do drugs, alcohol, or both,
  •         or other embarrassing things,

If you don’t, you could end up having unnecessary tests and medical treatments, which might not be desirable, at all. And the truth would not be found out by the doctors, until after you have gone through all that trouble. For what, some pain medicine?

If YOU are honest, then the rest of the burden lies on them to provide the right diagnosis and treatment.  If you are really in charge of your health, and want the truth, you have to do the same.

Don’t try to convince yourself it is alright, to not disclose fully, just this one time, because it might not be wise to practice, and let the little devil be in charge, in your mind. Plus the greedy devil, in their mind, might take that as the perfect opportunity, to do what they want.

The same rule can apply to any health care professional, as a good matter of habit.  If you want your health, you cannot participate in ways that could defraud your health insurance.