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Surround yourself with people

  • who try to think positive
  • Who are appreciative, and understanding,
  • Who do not give you a sense of low self-worth, undeservedly.
  • Who do not do the negative ways, AND try to be a good role model, like stand up for what is right,
  • Who are trustworthy, at the least for what is right, AND
  • Who do not victimize or
  • Who do not expect you to let them or others victimize you, like without complaining.

It may be hard to find people like this, who would fit this criteria, who won’t stress you out, not those who need a lot of help, and say they don’t, and won’t accept what you have to offer, and if do, give none in return, other than along with a hard time.

Being one of those people may help you to transcend stress, like finding enjoyment in good activities and accomplishing your goals, at least of natural health.

If you are trying to do transcend stress unnaturally, or like with ‘natural drugs’, meaning alcohol, marijuana, and others, you are only placating, appeasing, or enabling the problem, as a means of denial or avoidance..

Reach inside, and use love, sympathy, and other good emotions, for others, to help you to transcend stress, if not overdoing it or having bad timing. (So there it is, people who have bad timing, will be stuck with a lot of stress, so do not do, as they do, thinking ‘they are not secretly feeling stressed, so why not do it?)

Rethink multitasking, even out of love, to get things done, so you CAN transcend stress, because it may make it worse, or harder, to let go?  Most work will not let you transcend stress, unless it is the actual act of transcending stress kind-of-work. (see saving your life before the work gets done)

Making the effort, to be recovering from past abuses, like due to any form of stress, that has snuck into our lives, and had a greater impact on us, than we realized or admitted to, at the time, if we bypassed it as unimportant, may give us a tremendous boost over stress.

When you are young, you may have most of your health intact, so you have plenty of time to get ahead in the world, to learn and work, yet when you are older, it is more important to regain and maintain your health, as a priority, before considering trying to get ahead in the world.

If you are older, and you still have your health, that is a lot to have, and still have what you have. Reestablishing your natural health, constantly, may seem hard to do, but learning how to engage this pattern in our life, while we are young, will make it easier and more natural to do, such as returning back to basics, back to nature, in a quiet way, etc.

Do you think that is not enough?  Well, if you cannot do these, how can you do more?

Show others the right way!



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