All therapies seem strange, when they are first introduced to society, whether allopathic or naturopathic, though spa therapies may always hold the title of being unconventional.

For instance John Kellogg who pioneered a lot of the hydrotherapy treatments, in our country, probably seemed like a kook, to many people, in the beginning. Nowadays, his cereals do not seem so strange, and neither does spa therapies.

Look at yoga, meditation, Pilates, and massage.  All seem odd, at first, as a natural therapy, like something a person is not really naturally inclined to do, but after awhile they have been accepted as the norm, even though more so as a luxury, not an essential to natural health, when it is.

Food, in it’s raw and natural state, has been around, forever, but many people who are taking up raw food style eating, as a mainstay, may seem weird, though they are finding many health benefits from it.

Herbs have been around, since the beginning of time, but still may seem strange as a therapeutic resource, as in wildcrafting herbal remedies, medicines, and teas for the spa pantry.

The natural mental health therapies, of getting back to nature, going to a retreat, aromatherapy to induce feelings of bliss, hiking, horsebackriding, chanting, drumming, singing, or dancing, all are good for the psyche.

People who practice natural health therapies are not strange odd creatures, as many might try to make them out to be.  Some are wise practitioners that have passed down their wisdom from centuries, like a legacy of the saints. They may still practice a lot of their good and natural ways, and are keeping alive their wisdom, that does not need to be researched, just allowed to be used and shared.

Any information that is shared, whether there is research statistics backing it or not, should be seen as ‘proceed with caution’, but not ridiculed, outlawed, banned, or disgracing the experienced users of.

So, why is it so strange that you could and should assert yourself and do home spa therapies, as self help, for longevity?  It is time well spent, that will veer you away from insanity, not drive you to it, as leisure through drugs and alcohol may, or aggressive pastimes, that hurt others nearby.