People who have bad vices are most likely being ‘programmed’ to have those vices, by someone who wants them to remain codependent on them by having that vice.  Usually someone who feels less adequate than them, has less going for them, and does not have a life, and is getting satisfaction, by keeping you down with them, at least by not being able to give up your vices.  They may or many not have the vice they are trying to make you have or keep, but most likely they won’t have the vice, and are playing on your vulnerabilities and fears, unless you give in.

Their talk could be

  • coming      through, by some hypnotic airways, like a subliminal microphone, so      subliminal that you feel it is self talk, even from outside your window,      at night, when you are sleeping, or
  • they      could appear in group setups, such as a bunch of poor people, durg      addicts, etc., could be out to set up some rich girl or boy, and her      family, such as to get them to start smoking cigarettes or drinking and      partying.
  • Or it      could be a medical research experiment, where some device is implanted      like a receiver, close to your ears, that could have whoever has the      signaler could say whatver they want to you, and you would have no power      to shut them up.

Or you could really be psychic or telepathic?

No one else may notice any of this ‘self talk’ you are hearing, so it is like the story a bout the emperors clothes, where everyone else pretends it is not really happening, what they can’t see. You can’t prove it is being done, but it could be happening just the same, though you don’t want to admit it.

You think people would not stoop to the unexplainable or unfathomable, like a date rape drug, to get theirs, when the right way is not working for them fast enough? Isn’t that a way that crime is updated? And it succeeds when the fears or suspicions are ignored

The hypnotic suggestions probably would not happen to someone who has just moved to a new place, but to people who are trying to settle in, when they feel comfortable enough that they could get away with it, or given time to make their moves.

  • where      any contact will have a negative innuendos, such as relating to current      things you are doing or interested in and applying negative emotion      inspiring connotations, to take your mind off of your successes and your      accomplishments, so you feel defeated, with less confidence, because they      wont let up on bringing you down, with their negative self talk,
    • that       if you listen closer, is not your own voice,
    • that       is in their favor, but not yours, but really is a no win situation,       because they wont win anything by it either, other than keeping you from       winning.
    • It       could be hypnotically suggested that you replay that negative thought       every time you think about an issue or a problem you are having.

You all have habits that you cling to, in a codependent state, where you are only attended to, when you accept your habit reasons and supporters.

They could be into bad things, very bad things, like sex trafficking, drugs, robbery or vandalism to cause dumping and replacement costs.

Do you have  scare them off or are they trying to scare you off, if they do not ‘have something on you’, so they can get away with they want?

Just try to quit your vices, and see how many friends you have left standing. Should that be a deterrent to quit your bad vices? 

Will they make fun of your good vices to deter them or support you in your positive efforts?

Will you be able to keep your sense of humor with someone around who hates you and wont let you suceed?