Are you needing to realize what the reality is about bullying, to survive a bully? 

Does your bully(s) have Alzheimer’s = bullyzheimer’s, where they seem to FORGET they were bullying you … 5 minutes ago, five days ago, or five weeks ago? And the possible implications or consequences of not caring?
(Do they need to read this and hack it and think it will change something, if they don’t want to change?)
Is there a reality about bullying that we can overcome? IT IS SERIOUS.  How    do you make lemonade with these lemons? A better bureaucracy

Bullying scenario: Starting at a young age, such as one child sees a fancy castle one kid created with blocks, knock over blocks, and says ‘I don’t like it, do it over’. It may be totally none of their business, but they take it as it is.  Bullying is not cute in kids and certainly not cute in adults, that is why they try to hide what they have done.
Kids do not always tell on bullies, as a natural way that bullies have created, by threats made, so the victim of a bully may talk to their self or act withdrawn, as a coping mechanism.



You do not want a boss, or to do business with anyone, who is a bully.  They would be like ‘that job is not good enough, so do it over, without pay’.  A real bully will try to saddle you down with too much work, for very little pay and the clincher is he will try to make sure you don’t enjoy it and he will never appreciate anything you do.
Bullying is a serious threat… there is not really a ‘bully for you’

Who wants a bully calling the shots or teaching their ‘bully lessons’? No one, not even another bully, so everyone has to be “better than a bully’. …

Surviving a bully, before he takes severe action against you, may require at least ONE person, who believes in you, despite any idiosyncrasies you may have… WITH clout, to get you help in time, or the right initiative…but what if you are single?

Almost anything can turn from. ..Being supportive, into bullying…. a fine line, between right and wrong, not definitely noticeable. If you don’t watch what you say, and be a good role modelfor the good… then you are not leaving a legacy for the saints.

·        .or to do anything, because someone misread you? But did not listen to reason or even ask for one? Words are so hard to say, so imagine how hard it is take right way, if YOU don’t spell it out, too.

The problem comes in when a bully gets close. Not just when they get to someone you love, which could be deadly serious! They may be looking for conflict or are in a bad mood, yet they cannot handle their frustrations, without hurting others.

Bullies are known to

·        make others do all the reasoning,
·        not even listen to reason, and
·        not heed it….

So you are wasting your time reasoning with a bully, because they will go through hell before they do what they are supposed to do? To like prove you were wrong? Using a bad network and cover-ups?

Bullies expect you to call on all your years of living, instinct, training, and reserve to

·        Defend yourself, and keep from wanting to kill them outright, in defense.
·        Stress you out and hurt you to core, like even any beauty you have.
·        Forgiving them is not going to bring back your beauty, only give them license to hurt you more.

If they had to do a little reasoning,

·        of why they shouldn’t go to jail,
·        why they should be forgiven, and
·        Prove how they can change.
·        Ancient idea for an ancient jail? (As they will turn the above reasoning down?)
·        Or will they heed the warning? Or
·        Better yet, never do it again, like think twice or more, until like towards most humane, make the most right choice, and thusly, role model it?

Bullying will definitely make the victim seem crazy or messed up, (using their reasoning against them?), and any rightly said message they try to send may not reach the right people.

·        The whole point of any time they suspiciously waste, is to not let them get message, at least in a way that is not mixed up in the mind of the victim, through causing stress mistakes, or
·        if the bullying is for…. the right people to get a bad message, ones who are essential to them, likely to be turned off by the message, it is like, so they will be embarrassed to sue, or
·        the case where a married man or relative rapes, and the mate blames them for wrecking marriage being played, they may take the side of the one giving it to them regular.
What do you tell women
o       whose husbands bully them, intimidate them as crazy, rape, molest, abuse, and
o       do similar to neighboring singles; trespass, illegal entry, stalk and make allot of gun violence, threats, animal abuse, for their attention, or to make them appear, or rob, when wont give it, break things and wont fix it, etc. ?


Do you tell them just to forgive and forget? Oppress them also?

Bully neighbors?

Bullies take things from people and give things away, that they have no right to give, such as sell your stuff or trade it on internet store returns, or let someone do his wife, or sex games with children, or steal car parts for a friend or to make a friend.

Police scenario,
·        the bad neighborhood occupants sees a police car at someone’s house,
·        but the person is not going to jail,
·        So everyone is worried and thinks that person is telling on them or other bad neighbors?
·        So they start doing things to the person’s house, car, schedule,
·        If they have had meetings, without the neighbor who calls the police, they may set up a watch network, so their bad dealings can continue, whilst they try to drive out, the good people before their homes have equity that could get a cheap rate, already set up.
·        Do you see a bully with a broken windshield, flat tire, burned down house?
Bullies may be good at staying under the radar? And when you think about it, as the only reason not getting in trouble…
·        if they are your neighbors or
·        if have a lot of gas, pretending to be neighbors,
·        if bullying situations, not being reported or them being told on,
·        They try to one up you, so you can’t do that. like trying to shame the ones victimizing, or say what are you going to do about it
*Maybe they play their game well, and have others so convinced of what they want them to believe, by preventing communication, through putting everyone on defensive of the situation. Something like that is manipulating the court as well.

For committing ten years of criminal mischief, under the radar, I PROPOSE you should get life imprisonment, and be lucky YOU escaped, with your life intact, cause GOD KNOWS who didn’t, cause of you!!!  Is it their goal to get jail as a retirement home?  Maybe they need one now and save everyone a lot of grief? If the victim of a bully cannot help their self, how can they help a child?

Is it so far fetched that a neighbor could be bullying another neighbor, and have that way as being a need for someone to fulfill, to bully someone.
  • Their behavior is rude and irritating, loud and obnoxious, etc. and to say it doesn’t affect other neighbors would be wrong.
  • They seem to not have a life, because who would take their time out to be rude, illegal, mean, or otherwise, unless it gives them relief, at others expense. 
Who wants to live next door to a bully, esp. the one who thinks the are ‘it’ because you live next door to them?  They are the ones who bring down the property value, no matter how good the neighborhood.  Even if you are a bully, they will expect you to be under them or vie for alpha status. It is no way to live, there is no fun, because they delight in making you feel scared, and that is not heart healthy.
Even if you are able to scare or intimidate them, to teach them a lesson, they do not need to be the neighbor of anyone, other than a cell block.
·        They might start out on a good foundation, or conned someone into the fact of being a good investment, like a growing family, at which they use as pawns.
·        Just like the way someone  may ‘sleep their way to the top’, they manipulate and bully their way to the top,
·        They will spend their time bullying, like animals, other neighbors, and who knows who else,
·        They have no brains, and soon will have no brawn because of not caring about heart health or anyone else’s. so it will be noticeable, because they will not be updating their own life, only seem to make it worse or barely above water, like making a lot of good sacrifices, as they spend time trying to make others sacrifice,
·        They are easy to trap, so they have to have a criminal network to intimidate smart people, that they should have left alone and not shown their cards.  Yes, their bad boys network may get money, but not by legal pursuits or methods.
·        They will continually try to one up you, in a bad way, to get the relief.  In a story about a bully, once you put them in their place, they may seem to back off, for good, but in real life, they do not stop They are revengeful type.
·        until someone is able to say, ‘hey, what they are trying to take away this time, is worth too much to sacrifice and give up on or just let slide or just hand over to them on a silver platter’. 


So is your heart ❤️ one of those things that is too important to sacrifice?  Mine is, and
  • am I to act like I shouldn’t care that some neighbor is trying to give me a heart attack, because if you have one, it is because of someone nearby, and
  • Someone who thinks it is okay to do that to anyone, is SOOOO AWFUL.
  • They do not act like they have a heart, and they are heartless, for free.  So that they would even get a valentines day would be a true test of the hypocrisy of your neighborhood.

They have no mercy or heart ❤️ and… It is like slow torture, when they won’t let up. Maybe they expect you to like them for it too, like a martyr. If they ever get forgiven, it would be a miracle… for instance, even like on TV, the school bullies, of which I never had one, ….after ten years, like a reunion, still won’t get forgiveness, more like a payback, and now I am beginning to see why.

Do you have to research how to handle the’ bullying event’, at the spur of the moment, because they will throw it on you too, esp. if you are busy doing something else and making progresson another front.
·        If you are supporting the bullying behavior, so you can get the house, do you think the bully is going to let you live next to them, or get the house they caused to become vacant, at a discount? Without using you, too, and delighting in making you suffer?

Bullies will not make you feel accepted, socially

·        except as a creep, one they can manipulate, and  you will not be seem greater than them to anyone, more like their peon.
·        They will not accept you, unless you are like a bad guy, like them in some way, in order to have leverage over you, in case you try to take them down or reveal secrets about them.

If you don’t care, if you get their acceptance, and you don’t stoop to their level, when they try to force you to, they will not accept you, or let anyone else, and thusly they will say… the war is on, and they will do unexpected things, that are mean, not to like steal for money, but for power and intimidation.

Every life would be better off without bullies. They are the ones that should not be accepted, to a fault.  Better to eat alone than with a contentious women?  Well that is what I say about bullies, better to live almost anywhere than next door or on the same block as bully, who you can hear almost a mile away, when they are in a bad mood.

A man, who like

·        bullies his wife for years or sibling or whoever… or
·        Like sociopath, using women and dumping them, and giving them bad reputation, and refers bad callers, or stalkers.
·        gun threatening over head, etc.,
·        may think that when they are tired of demanding women satisfy their needs, like can’t get it up, and mellows out, that they deserve forgiveness, like forgive and forget, and gracefully to next stage of life…
·        But WHY would anybody want to forgive that?
o       Will it make all the pain and suffering never be remembered ever again?
o       That the life of love, peace, and happiness, the hurt envisioned is only now going to be a reality, when they are too old to enjoy it,
o       yet they plan to steal that joy, and enjoy what you could have had, without them near you, because they aren’t near their old self,
o       But your ingrained memories of abuse are?
o       And single women are not allowed to escape the agony of being sexually ABUSED, by ones they didn’t even say yes to? Without getting the right to cut it off as a payback for ruining their….life? There is no comparison you could make of ruining a single life vs. your wife, who is a mother of your child, the heir to your fortune, including the sharer of your home, and any benefits of knowing you better, beyond that may not be of a bully nature!!!!

Bullies are ‘full of their self’. They make it hard to get anything done, cause you are like living on the defensive, which isn’t natural, and they have not been taught a lesson, they will never forget, because too busy trying to teach bad lessons that support their evil ways.

As a neighbor of a bully, even, no matter how good of a mood you wake up in, to greet the day, welcome the nature of your environment, etc. they ruin it, and make you not want to say hi to them, not feel like welcome home to them, etc. they bring nothing positive to the plate and are not paying you to put up their BS. Your only relief is drowning them out, and that is too stressful.

Expect a single person to just open the door for every repair person? No solution yet? When it seems repair persons are all bullies, because who would risk going to a strangers house? Only someone with an IV would risk it or someone with IV would let in? And you don’t think that it is not coincidental that the minute you leave your house, that you come back and something is broken? And I am not saying one time, but every time…. is it supposed to make you feel closer to humans? It doesn’t!  Or they are brave because they are a deer hunter, who came and hunted animals in your neighborhood?  Got in your house, made a repair necessary to see where the cameras were?

If social, they are like sociopaths, when they try to ostracize their victim,
·        They may fear they will get told on, by the victim, and become a victim, of the authorities.
·        so they will end up talking to someone, before the victim ever does, at which point they try to make the victim look like weak, for being a victim, and someone who will be a liability,
·        Like say ‘you talk to self’, as the target of ostracizing.
·        In other words, and simply, they are mean to nice people, socially, not people who really deserve it.
·        A bully may try to hold you in judgment to the past, all the while, it is a bully who had forced you to make a mistake, otherwise they wouldn’t know about it?
·        Showing others that you are siding with a bully is something no one will let you forget, and you sure won’t forget the imposition or pressure to make a choice, you don’t want to make.

Also, they are so

If you find you are bullying, or letting someone bully you,

·        Sometimes no one can tell you how to change, so find a way to tell yourself what you need to hear, to make right choices.
·        Whatever advantages you may think you have by bullying, you are getting out of clinging to wrong values, and it is not worth it…
·        If you don’t listen to reason, and give mercy, and discipline own bullying… you, as the bully, would be subject to learning things the hard way, also, even more to your own detriment, and without mercy, likewise. Convinced you are always in the right, you won’t change your habits, bad ones, in time, as you are too hard to convince otherwise, so you may not even heed wake up calls, because everyone will get tired of reasoning with you, if they even have the nerve to tell you.
·        You don’t try to rationalize, with lies or hearsay, try to justify wrong behavior, or make excuses, and live in denial of how it is wrong for you to bully, or stand behind a bully, for money, etc.
·        Bully or hero, hero or zero.  You are not going to be someone’s hero, by bullying them secretly, in hopes they will to turn to you for help. Like a pick up line, that heard it all before.

Are you getting any benefits out of doing a bullies bidding, or are they bullying you, over and over again, whenever you get a break, or whenever they see an opportunity?

·        Such as every time you fix a fence, they tear it down it again, where they are breaking in, and the police won’t do anything, or the bully says it was like that or you did a lousy job and it broke by wind but clearly it didn’t in spots where it was humanly tampered with. sure your fence may be getting repaired, only by your own hard work, and getting better, and so like when a bully bullies you, you are getting inner strength or stronger, and learning from your mistakes, if you deal with the issue.
·        You may learn your lesson the hard way, to not trust them again, after a great deal of expense, unnecessary time, and trying to make a bigger defense against them.



There is more to life than being a bully and being their victims (most likely has more than one). Yet we can never escape that we should not be one.
If you do not want to be a bully, then you are in good company, as there are millions of people who do not have to be a bully, to get their own way, in the right way, right direction, have success, etc...  All you have to do is be reasonable, reason with others, etc.   There are no shortcuts here, if you want to keep your freedom.

You are better off never knowing a bully or associating with them, but will avoiding them, OR SIDESTEPPING THE ISSUE, solve the problem? NO!

If someone is a victim of a bully,
·        and you can tell, such as the victim reaches out for support, when they bitch about someone else,
·        please do not ostracize them for it, as if
o       it is their own fault or
o       have not dealt with it,
·        So they will not also become a bully or have to talk to their self.

Changes involving bullies and victims

1.      Maybe we have all been drawn into a situationwith a bully, at one time or other, but the reason they exist is because we let them go unpunished for it.
2.      People do change for the better, not just the bad guys, but the victims also.  If you hurt them, leave them, abandon them, they won’t take you back, and have moved on with their life, so that means they have changed, and are not the same person you left behind.
3.      Even if you can forgive your bully, you are not the same, and they are not either. Maybe the innocence, and attraction you had in common, was consumed by your predatorial behavior that you let escape, and so nothing is the same. You can never trust the predatorial behavior that survived and was not contained, before it did some damage. Thusly, maybe the predatorial behavior was exterminated, or locked away for good, but then what is the attraction? Now no one has a life, esp. if you do not realize the reality.

As a victim and or underling of a bully, if you changed, will you ever get the chance to move on, from a bully, if you keep letting them tear down your life?

When you get out of their grasp, you have to start over, in a sense,

·        But you are not starting over, as a second chance, that someone is giving you, where you were wrong, other than if you were misled.
·        You are starting over like after a catastrophe or traumatic experience, like post traumatic stress, a better life, not a step back.

Bullies have no right to

o       punish US
o       Make judgments about us that they can do what they want TO US, or that would involve hurting anyone else, in our name!
o       intimidate us
o       ruin our day
o       ruin our life
o       ruin our relationships
o       etc.

You do not ever have to forgive a bully, though they can be easily tricked into thinking that you did, but be careful, because people will think you took them back.

If you want to see a miracle and good magic…stand behind each other against bullies.

You can’t even be married to partners with or have a bully work for you, because they will not listen to any lesson given, and at least carry out or enforce the order given, and or discipline, when rules are broken. If they want to be a ‘tough guy’, should do it for right reasons

….if they try to get credit for change, as if they kept on making problems, so it would change, as a defense, to make someone do something, by forcing their priorities, who had better things to do, instead of what it really was, was causing all the problems, trying to force change, when the bullies didn’t have to do it, and should have fixed it their self, or done it right, when they could have or had the chance, but they didn’t, such as in the case of bullying, and having fun doing it, either when no authorities are looking or when they know the authorities feel impotent to do anything about it. And then they power shot me, which wiped my memory of what I was going to say about what consequence is so…. Guess.

I am sick of the bullying head games. The only way, me and 75% of the population, would not have a case AGAINST them, is if THEY kill the bully. Check mate!

Maybe the his social lifeline  would question whether it is more cost effective to fire (not pay) or extradite a bully or a victim, because he listened to what the bully said, ‘you are paying her a lot of money, you wouldn’t have to pay, if you fire her, blah, blah, but that is typical of a bully, and that is not ethical at all, just because you are paying the bully less good attention.

The bully is only making profit off of hurting others, setting them up, and making the innocent pay for things, that would never even have been necessary. Making it ‘more money, and time wasted, on everyone’s part, as well as burdening the security system‘. They are ruining the quality of life for everyone, including their self, role modeling very poorly for children, etc. which will turn out bad, very bad for the future, as it already has.