Bullies are bad actors

Start at a young age, such as one child sees a fancy castle one kid created with blocks, knock over blocks, and says I don’t like it, do it over. It may be totally none of their business, but they take it as it is.  It is not cute in kids and certainly not cute in adults, that is why they try to hide what they have done.

You do not want boss or to do business with anyone who is a bully.  They would be like ‘that job is not good enough, so it over, without pay’.

Kids do not always tell on bullies as a natural way.

Bullies may be good at staying under radar, if not being told on, only reason not getting in trouble, like trying to shame them, or say what are you going to do about it? And when you think about it, they try to one up you so you can’t do that.

The victim of a bully may talk to their self or act withdrawn, as a coping mechanism.
If social, they like sociopaths …if try to ostracize their victim, they may get told on, like say talk to self, so they will end up talking to someone, at which point they try to make the victim look like weak.

If someone is a victim of a bully, and you can tell, such as they bitch about someone else, do not ostracize them for it, please, as if it is their own fault or have not dealt with it, so they will not also become a bully.

Bully neighbors?

Is it so far fetched that a neighbor could be bullying another neighbor, and have that way as being a need for someone to fulfill, to bully someone.

  • Their behavior is rude and irritating, loud and obnoxious, etc. and to say it doesn’t affect other neighbors would be wrong.
  • They seem to not have a life, because who would take their time out to be rude, unless it gives them relief, at others expense.
Who wants to live next door to a bully?  They are the ones who bring down the property value, no matter how good the neighborhood.  Even if you are a bully, they will expect you to be under them or vie for alpha status. It is no way to live, there is no fun, because they delight in making you feel scared, and that is not heart healthy.
Even if you are able to scare or intimidate them, to teach them a lesson, they will continually try to one up you, in a bad way, to get the relief.  In a story about a bully, once you put them in their place, they make seem to back off for good, but in real life, they do not stop and do not need to be the neighbor of anyone, other than a cell block. They will spend their time bullying, like animals, other neighbors, and who knows who else, so they will not be updating their own life only seem to make it worse or barely above water, like making a lot of sacrifices, where they might have started out on a good foundation, or conned someone into the fact of being a good investment, like a growing family, at which they use as pawns.

Yes, their bad boys network may get money, but not by legal pursuits or methods.  Just like the way someone people may sleep their way to the top, they manipulate and bully their way to the top, until someone is able to say, hey, what they are trying to take away this time, is worth too much to sacrifice and give up on or just let slide or just hand over to them on a silver platter. 

So is your heartone of those things?  Mine is, and to act like I shouldn’t care that some neighbor is trying to give me a heart attack, or thinks it is okay to do that to anyone, is SOOOO AWFUL.  They do not act like they have a heart, and are heartless, for free.  So that they would even get a valentines day would be a true test of the hypocrisy of your neighborhood.

How do you make lemonade with these lemons? Do you have to research it at the spur of the moment, because they will throw it on you too, esp. if you think the bully is going to let you live next to them, or get the house they caused to become vacant, at a discount? Without using you, too, and delighting in making you suffer? Every life would be better off without bullies. Better to eat alone than with a contentious women?  Well that is what I say about bullies, better to live almost anywhere than next door or on the same block as bully, who you can hear almost a mile away, when they are in a bad mood.

No matter how good of a mood you wake up in, to greet the day, welcome the nature of your environment, etc. they ruin it, and make you not want to say hi to them, not feel like welcome home to them, etc. they bring nothing positive to the plate and are not paying you to put up their BS.

If you cannot live your life without being a bully, then you should research prison life.