Sometimes, going the step further is what it takes to do a good job, to do things right, and to finish the job.

If you make something, going one step further and taking the time to do a good job, even if it takes longer, but not having something fall apart may mean less time in the long run, or for something to look nice when done. It could also mean going the step further to get safe and have better security.

Also, beyond instinct is wisdom, is like… you may be tempted to act impulsively or irrationally, and be mean, but if you wait and go one step further in order to have realization of the wisdom of the moment, you might do a better thing.

·         You might be able to break a bad habit, in order to get all the way healthy,

·         you may not give up on a good cause you are into,

·         you might not lose your investment, such as fix a problem, and protect it.
·         etc.

It is not taking that step, in order to hurt someone or ambush them, or take what is theirs, it would be more like giving them something, do something for them, even when you don’t want to, or offering them something they need. It is not listening to bad thoughts you have, that might convince you to abandon your purpose.

I would like to emphasize going the step further, means if you think you are going in the right direction. If you don’t think you are going in the right direction, you should consider going a step back, to undo any mistakes, and then going a step further in the right direction.  If you are tempted to say something mean, you should save your breath, and go the step further to turn the situation into a positive, say something nice, as you look for the good in things, even if it means talking to yourself until you do think of something nice to say. Is it hurting yourself to prove a point? It may seem like that to others, but it may also be saving you a lot of hurt.

It could mean the difference of making amends with others, like reaching out, as you appeal to their sense of decency? Going the step further to show you care, to impress them, to be polite and not hurt their feelings, even if you could, or to mean you say, through actions, like when apologizing, to really mean it.

Going the step further is not something that is done to you, but something you do for yourself or others, like your work in the relationships with others. Like going the step further to respond politely or acknowledge your thankfulness, appreciation for them, or other good qualities about yourself. It could mean taking action to clean something, etc.

Doing thing the natural way, more naturally, for natural health, like using natural products, might be going the step further in the right direction, when you can do something, at all, like with the right