I am an adult!!!
Adults have rights, in the eyes of the law..

I may not know everything, but I am not an idiot.  I may not know your job, or what you ‘are or are not’ capable of, but I have a right to know  where it affects me.

I am not a senior citizen or an invalid or incapacitated, but I am human, not a robot or immortal… but with the limitations of a single person of my gender.

I am real, in the here and now, flesh and blood,  I do have emotions and feelings, and that does not mean I am immature.

I may seem to be paranoid or suspicious, but I may be super safety conscious problem solver, which I do not appreciate being made feel guilty about being, like being made feel guilty still alive and not letting suspicions go unmentioned, and being made to apologize for it, even if creepy and unexplainable or not, random or not,  …. in attempt to make take own safety for granted? Stop questioning them? Stop escalating safety potential? Or be made to seem crazy, when I freak out? Or take measures, on my own, for safety, as unusual, as they may be, when noone will help.

I work hard when I work, and may seem like a slave, where you may think like :’why are you doing that you don’t have to’, but I am not lazy and will rest longer.

I am not forever financially secure, but I am not totally indigent, and I do not live that way, as if I am.

I have ambitions, hopes, and dreams, and so I have a life, and need the chance to use my skills, with determination and keep my commitment, and not be forced to give up on good things.

I am legal and do things legal and deserve MORE than those who do not. And should not be forced to discount services or work for free.

It is not fair for people to talk down to me to feel superior when may not be, morally, spiritually or legally or even one.
Or other ways like financially, physically, mentally, or family.

I have learned to make many wise decisions on my own, through experience trial and error and some unerringly. I deserve respect or at least unknowledgemwnt for it. ESP. For corrections and rising above peer pressure situations,  and other strengths,if in my business, not of all my imperfections.

I can admit faults even if have not fully changed…and so I can certainly  be sorry for my mistakes, successfully changed, not do again, not love wrong ways, most likely born out of desperation, and be better for letting the wrong way go. And support right ways forever after.

I do not deserve labels, like victim, weak, stupid, or any bad label,  whether voiced or not, accompanied by bad treatment,  aimed to ruin my reputation or deign disrespect and treated like I am the one which should be earning their forgiveness.

Do you dare to physically intimidate an adult with physical violence, when you can’t control an adult with your mental capabilihies? As if it is your right? And not expect it to be war on you???

Adults have rights to defend theirself and make citizen arrests and not rely on mental acuity alone to save their life so if you risk conflict you take your life in your hands as well, not just the one you bully who trusted you.