In this world of increasing technology, where is the effective law to be found? When you try to have security, is it ever enough?
• The greater access to internet, smart phones, but never access to the law or legal resources or legal remedies will give us security and safety?
• Where security measures are constantly being outdated, but criminal measures are being more easily escaped from justice?

The police or lawmakers will have to reach inside for a strength that is greater than the criminals of whom they pursue.
• They cannot let the criminals get greater than them, or let the criminals become them.
• They cannot take on the weaknesses of the criminals victims and hope to be able to take down the criminals. For instance, when one of the biggest victims is a ‘chicken’, a law enforcer cannot be like a ‘chicken’ or the killer of chickens, but stronger in all aspects, like not willing to take bribes, not willing to try to understand or relate why the criminal does what they do, in other than distaste, but be strong in their convictions.
• Sure they should care about the victims, but cannot wallow in their concern, in order to act expediently.
• If they try to save children, they cannot take on the weaknesses of children or criminals alike. They have to reach higher, longer, completely, successfully, wiser, etc.
• If the criminals is going to spend all their time and experience to staying a LOW LIFE, the law has to spend equal time staying in a higher bracket, to justify their own existence.

Can they let the fears that the criminals create deter them in pursuing legal remedies? Do they have to be strong psychologically? Or act like they are just doing a job that is cut and dried and cannot go beyond what that job entails or do any research.

• Suppose the criminals get access to lots of money or help, are they going to spend all their time hiding out and plotting their next move or are they going to pursue constant low life activities in order to compensate for what they got?

Safety affects us all, even criminals, who want it also, but maybe not enough to obey the law, as that is where their bread is buttered.

When we all have rights, it is not a matter of letting a criminal do things wrong, because they have their rights, but a matter of ‘right of way’, where the innocents rights supercede the rights of the regular person? Every move you make when you take on the use of controlling factor, like vehicle or gun, can be scrutinized by every use, and SHOULD BE. Would you rather have a gun or a vehicle? A job or a gun? A roommate or a gun? Otherwise can you handle the constant critiquing of your actions, in relation to the power you think you need that is not backing a greater entity, like the community good or welfare, to make feel safe and secure, like the police dept. is supposed to? Don’t blame anyone else, if you lose all of the above, if you choose a gun over them, in order for what, to defend a home you won’t be able to afford for long, legally?

Though you think you learn a lot from criminals, or owe them for any support or friendship they have given you, can you rise above it, to save yourself from being a low life like them? It is more like a traumatic event that you will never forget and wish you had never learned, if you had learned what you should have learned, like not having a bad habit.

Do you trust your low life neighbors, that may have guns or access to medical supplies, that they would never be susceptible to DANGEROUS THINKING or irrational misuse of their emotions? Esp. when they are prone to neighborhood takeovers? they use these tools to act like they are qualified to rule, when in fact they need more therapy than anyone.

When you move from the city to the country, do the rules change, because the criminals you encounter will be different?
• For instance, the criminals are more likely to be able to take over an entire neighborhood in the country, even an entire police dept.?
• where as in the city, it could be more difficult?
• Easier to infiltrate homes that are at a distance from each other, than individual apartments that run off the same air systems?
• Take people’s family members out, one by one, like the strongest link, not the weakest links, and figure out ways to get their money, like breaking things, ruining security systems, etc.

If the police had to pay the victims for the damage caused by neighbors that they fail to indict, that cause all the damage, to health and property, maybe they would be more inclined to do something about it.