If you are dying, from lack of counsel, where they are not, then maybe you should hear them out…

MEDIATiON LIKE?  Love can fuel good actions and inspire greater help.  So have love no matter what you do.

As I see it now, it is still subject to change…

Forgiveness is something you can experience from others and also something you can learn to practice well. It is not something you really want to go through, because it means something happened you probably did not appreciate, whether due to someone else’s thoughtlessness, error, or other upsetting instance?

Forgiveness is an action
that some will look up to you for and  admire, if they feel you are being genuine? Such as you you will forgive someone who doesn’t live up to your expectations… as acceptance…if you love them unconditionally?

Or you wont let forgive you , and feel smited? As if they do not have the right to think are better than you in that tespect? To forgive you for something you are not sorry for?  Or they don’t really forgive you, only saying forgive, for now, to appease the situation? When in actuallity, they had no right to be mad, in the first place and were wrong, for the angry negative feelings, they had accepted or bought into or brcause of a bad memory that is remembered wrong…
…all in an effort to add fuel to the fire, , to make you look bad, etc.? EVIL.

If you escape, into drugs and alcohol, how can there be a meeting of the minds… to say anything that is important, relevant to the relationship for the future, to help save, or get help, to get better understanding, to get forgiveness or forgive in time, to take things the right way ,to be careful you say the right thing, may take the greatest acuity and serious intention, as giving your best effort.

If it is not mutual, then it may be a waste of time. To not be concerned, as the other person, about the seriousness of forgiveness to get along…may be an insult and a lack of caring.

If not in rigjt mind…Forget important points or act like writing off the relationship, by escaping into a noncommunicative attitude.

When making claims, be sure you are being honest and accurate And  using the right words. Being tactful is more helpful than ovetexagerating.  Then when you make a claim. are you doing it because you really want it resolved?  If so, you need to listen to any defense and let them finish explaining.  You do not cut them off in mid sentence and talk over them to shut them out,  as they might have something real important you need to hear and dont act like they are the one cutting you off and not listening to what you have to say.

If you make an accusation, you need to hear their defense the whole defense, if your even care to understand, unless you feel like they are putting you on the defensive also? In which case, ypu both need to settle down and calmly hear each other out…  is all you can really do. It is worth it. Then regroup later, for it is not as if you either have to win now. It is better to hold a neutral stance than to hold a negative stance as being closed minded or ignorant as if you know everything.

You may need to be even more explanatory as to tell why you find something offensive to you… and consider first it might not be anyone but you that feels that way.

They may need more info. As to why it is intimidating you.

Allowing you to insult things that are not really hurting you or not saying how hurting you or is it a competitive strategy?

People cannot ever be exactly like another and you should not complain about individuality.

Normal people , who are not causing an uproar, do not try to find fault with people, because they are different… and may welcome their differences and may get along better with others in a healthy way.

Also be careful of trying to undermine someone else’s authority and or trylng to overrule their authorities actions, such as shoving legal advice, when not a lawyer, a parent when not one, a doctor when not one, advice or medicine against someones own plan.

Also do you even know the difference between grace and forgiveness?  Grace is like undeserved forgiveness that will let you at least scathe by or go on.  God can give us grace, more than any man could ever come close to doing. It is something to me that you dont count on or expect and thusly try to not live your life on the edge, sinfully, expecting grace.

If it is more like a cat fight, it may not be that serious, but mote like the stress of the situation, the lack of time to explain or wanting attention, when not in the mood, someone taking things out of context, or taking things too personally or not in the spirit intended… emotional things being sepetate from factual issues, that might have a more clearcut understanding.

Feelings have a lot to do with forgiveness. Don’t likewise expect someone to take a dive to spare their feelings, if they never wanted you to for sure. Feelings have everything to do with it, ike it is the thought that counts, as well as your assumptions, of the thought, that counts.
….Such as is it easy to dump someones love offering, as not good enough or assume it was probably for some ulterior motive,
…and act as the love is not trying to create a positive opportunity for you, only because you are so kind in a lot ways to them?
….Not meaning …get a big head, that you are perfect and not them, in comparison in other ways? That would be an awful effort and tacky thinking.

If not making feel good enough, maybe you need to teach higher.

For instance. Imagine how mad someone will be when someone important dies … due to
….your lack of effort to do the right thing and put your  money on doing the wrong thing
…And when the smoke clears, because what you have done is a burn…It is seen as a double lack of effort FROM YOU
…. to prevent the wrong things from happening and
…. a lack of support for any who are doing the right thing to make it happen, to be safe and secure,
….esp. to be Faultless more so proof, ,accessiry or the culprit, in any suspicious case.
….as well as no where to put money on yo,  for saving any fucking one,

Some people give and some people take.  Just know this, if you are seen as  doing whinge thing and not seeking change you are a tdker, in the bad sense. You are NOT the forgiver or the one that deserves all the grace. Or the reigns High headed does not get you to far, for to long when the smoke clears.  You may doing forgiving, but only because you ate forgiving people who are mad at you, whom you have hurt, due to inadequacy fulfillment of obligations, and hopefully apologizing, repenting, and changing your devil ways, before you become buried in your sin and can never be above a lowliest of the criminals, with Boone to pull you out because put yourself above them much less tried coexist on an even playing feild.

Yes, you may forgive in your mind, when they put you in your place, but more like you should be giving THANKS.
…. Like thank you for opening the door of forgiveness, in order to get a second chance, since I let you get that off your chest.
…Oh how gracious we are,  that we would even reprimand you or let you be less ignorant seeming..

Do you sometimes have to forgive your own ignorance, if you get hurt… such as does any man or beast act like they want to kiss you, when they are hungry, if you are not feeding them?  Helping them to be fed or not standing in their way ? Such as a more relateable instance you want all the attention, when there are hungry people to be fed and you spent all your money on cigarettes, POT, LIES, and other cancer causing things and you want free food and their feeding time cooking time? you expect a positive reception??? Don’t think its going to happen anymore.

Falacy of your own mind, not mine, such as my money my time and a correction, no matter what tone or words used is not the falacy….busted?  It is your case in point to prove innocent, otherwise which is very hard,  if it is in your blood, in your genes and in your reputation of gender  of what you failed to correct, in a timely fasion, of your own fruition.
….to think a reprimand is a loss of temper is what alot of socippaths use as leverage….and say you lost your mind, not just got off chest… or a loss, of anything, other than negative energy, back at you..
…and then thinking aha a  chance to get high handed, as a chance to take the upper hand, when nooooo…
….because the trial is now over for the day..

blah blah

peace out.
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