Single ‘neighbor…

Going about everyday business
Normal plans dreams activities and fears

Married neighbor. Listens and hangs around doing nothing and Says
…his plan is foolproof this time.

Single ‘neighbor
…. you have no right to play on my fears. There will be severe consequences.

Married neighbor says…oh yea what are you going to do about it?

Single ‘neighbor. ..I don’t have to do anything. Once you try something…there is going to be consequences.

Married neighbor
…. noone will care or do anything about it if I did something they never want to waste their time or resources to check into things and they will beleivf what I want them to believe.
… cause you will get tired of warning them in time before I have a chance to do something I could get away with
… so I just practice do it to some stranger. And its all your fault

Single ‘neighbor
… do you really want to take a chance and takte me on? There is no foolproof plan. I will make sure of it.

Married neighbor
…Ha-ha …you have to live at your home like some prisoner as I lay in wait for you to leave. I impose wherever I can find you off your guard and do nothing you can prove that you didn’t do yourself. That tires you out and I know it.

Single ‘neighbor
…that just proves you have no life and You are just jealous. You also have no heart either. There is no way I would ever be jealous of you or waste my time being that way. You should be jealous of that and try it sometime.

Married neighbor
…yes but I will end up rich with your money and spend all my time telling lies ablout you and turning people against you. I can attract the bad in others that is like me… sociopath. Control freak. Trespasser. Abuser. Medical malpracticer hunter killer molesterpig… Etc. All things the everyday person like you would fear.

A heart in fear

Though you find it easy to sneer,
A heart in fear,
Is one you don’t revere,
And will not come there or want you here.

Will calling someone paranoid make you safer, pacify them, make you seem saner, or keep you from being implicated? NO!