Pushing the basics of natural health living’s ‘supportive modalities’, not drugs, esp. during tax season vs. Swimsuit season preparedness.

Pain killers vs. massage – pain shows, but does effects of therapy, if you don’t get it?

Drugs, alcohol, and sexual healing may stop the pain, but won’t alter postural affects of pain.

Charting the effects of pain, such as hunched over shoulders, shoulder muscles cocked from writing too much, computer work etc.

With a visual chart, posture can be analyzed for emphasizing natural therapy, like yoga and massage, as in follow up, when monitoring progress and legal issues.


Any weight gain or loss can also be determined, without measuring, as well as effects of regular massage, as lose weight, to promote elasticity and tone of skin, and not need plastic surgery.

On the road to recovery, weight control, and to being a natural health success story, such as for natural health new year’s resolutions.

And then it is all about how yoga massage and herbalism are not fads but will help against addictions caused by fads if you are proactive.

Posture, balance and flexibility are all key components to the health of your ‘core’ consisting of trunk of body where spine and all key organs are. All supported by yoga, massage, Pilates, chiropractic, and cleansing herbs.