Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet

Annhnhnhn doesn’t exist, and if it did, it would probably be too late for most people, making old age diets difficult.

Don’t look at different people as different kinds of cartoon animals with different diets. We are all the same as people with the same dietary needs.

If anything, if you are going to classify a person’s diet it is done by the disease they have or lack of it. Such as a T-shirt.

A distinguishing factor is our teeth from animals as well as the length of colon.

You could design a one size fits all diet for humans, that is plant-based, but you could not design a one size fits all meat-based diet and not eventually be putting them on a diet that considers the disease they have contracted.

Therefore due to the fact that everyone has different diets and have contracted different diseases, there also is not a specific cleanse you could trust.

A ‘Cleanse’ is like for the colon and a ‘detox’ is like for the circulatory system, and due to the fact that everyone has different diets and have contracted different diseases, there also is not a specific cleanse you could trust.

A cleanse is like when you want to get regular and stop being constipated and clear out the meat putrefying in your system.

A detox is like to get alcohol and drugs out of your system.

A Cleanse is like scrubbing your colon and a detox is like purifying your circulatory system. It is what you make it, but a cleanse could include food and fiber and detox would have more water..

People may have different goals, but could choose the wrong strategy, since there are so many. If you google it you could 50 types, daily, fasting, weekend styles.

If you have a Stroke? A doctor might say Juice not allowed, if it imbalances the meds. If you are on any medications make sure they don’t interact with .. if drink juices, start out with shot size.


You’ve had plenty of time to stop the abuse.

Stressors list to ‘eliminate’

– sound man pain-making stressor as an assault- intentional infliction of distress. Job loss or role modeled. Narcissist-in-training?

– vicious cycle of abuse – pain killers- dependency, more abuse no punishment, lawsuit, job loss or suffer, emotional turmoil victimization, need for addiction counseling or psychotropic medication? Misdiagnosis… more emotional turmoil.

– ‘friendly fire’ – False loyalty to the any living.

– road rage cause your ‘hangry’? (No one who heard you is responsible to feed you)

Do you have to be part of the problem to force a solution? Or to make the most of it while the chance to be an asshole? Scape-goating?

The Complexity of Vegan Compassion & Ethics

Compassion, ethics, and empathy should just come with the territory, when you become a vegan, but it may not. Quality of life & longevity can go together if it does.

If you are so inclined … Dream, and make dreams come true, not nightmares. It is a lot more legal and WANTED in this world by those who are going to always be FREE.

Helping others less fortunate raises your level of living. The image you project is trustworthy, when you display ethics, and it requires ‘consistency’, in all aspects of your life, if that is really the IMAGE you want to project.

Killing some being, because they are sick or less fortunate is no excuse. Even if you are sick, or less fortunate than others, it does not mean you want to die, does it? No. You could not justify someone killing you, if you are less fortunate or sick. So you should not think it is okay to hurt others or worse or GOD FORBID think they would want you to.

To find a way that does not involve killing is always the more ethical route.

If you don’t give them a better plan (mercy), you won’t get a better plan for yourself. Ethics can be self-serving, not just be considered being too selfless. There is always a positive EUPHORIC energy you feel towards the living, when you appreciate one’s life force.

You may learn bad secrets from killing like fear and paranoia, but the good secrets you learn from mercy comes with a much better feeling, like love & emotional relief.

Killing is the wrongest way, esp. if there is a way to save someone. We have choices to be merciful and it is more ethical, as we would want someone to be merciful for us, in a position of trust , as most every being is born wanting to live and survive, not with a death wish. Not one animal is suicidal only less intelligent when crossing a street. (Which road kill is suspicious as well.)

Is it more work to be kind or more work dealing with the guilt or forever justifying your actions? To me, it is challenging to make life better for me and others. It requires empathy, self love, UNDERSTANDING, etc. so you don’t hurt yourself or others, not trip yourself up, stay legal, etc.

There is a lot of satisfaction working with living beings and learning how to survive better, by helping them survive; it is better than some job like working with cars or inanimate objects with little contact with other living beings. People crave companionship no matter what kind of animal or age of person. It is something to be thankful for, knowing you try your best is a reward, even if you fail, but not if you don’t try.

To be empathetic: You imagine their plight. The plight of us all, to have a home, to belong, and then to share.

‘You learn to relate, when you at least try to accommodate’.

If you don’t know how to teach yourself or your children empathy, your children will be psychopaths feeling no empathy and doing bad things, where they feel no remorse, if doing the bad thing hurts others. Teaching the young to be understanding is a never ending process.

You first imagine the plight of whoever. (By being empathetic, you will feel for their plight.) Is it more work to be kind or more work dealing with the guilt or justifying your actions? Or being without work (looking for a job) because you could not understand how to enjoy helping others in a legal and ethical way? Ethics is always legal where legal is not always ethical.

Ethics can play a part of importance that some do not consider, such as the PLIGHT of the animals and people’s role … take for instance domestic cats. Humans can let the cats run wild, to kill rats and birds for food or keep them inside and provide them food and shelter and pest control. People care some as far as they understand their plight and are willing to accommodate them.

Which is ethical? Any animal, wild or domestic would prefer to be accommodated with food, shelter, and good atmosphere (not fighting for their next meal). It becomes an ethical issue, where if you have them in your care, you accommodate them well. If not, it is neglect and abuse.

Unless it is self defense, it is not your right or job to take someone else’s life, no matter how lowly a life someone may try to make you think (even society), PEOPLE CANNOT MAKE YOU TAKE A LIFE. That is ethics of life. You can sometimes be at liberty to save a life, but even that is questionable, requiring consent.

Ethics of life also means (when you are in legal possession) depending on your finances (for food, shelter, how many have) and time and ability to care for,

⁃ you are not cruel,

⁃ you spay and neuter animals, if overbreeding is a concern or separate males and females (and don’t let them run wild). (ESP. If carnivores)

⁃ You don’t purposely breed for food consumption, to where you may turn them over to someone who will kill them before their time.

⁃ You don’t allow them to be in a position to be killed or to kill others where you can accommodate them to otherwise be in restraint.

⁃ You certainly do not promote what is wrong (killing, cruelty, overbreeding, etc.) or give others indication (wrong impression) that you do. (Or even suggest it is happening, unless to police or someone who can and will and has to do something about it).

(Even having chickens for their eggs is self defeating breeding, because it is cruel to give yourself and or others unnecessary cholesterol. )

Even euthanasia requires some ethics, such as to be done by licensed ethical veterinarian or doctor who makes that decision.

If you can’t be more merciful to the less fortunate, maybe YOU should be the less fortunate INSTEAD!!!!

Whatever you do, base your philosophical beliefs, about how you are empathic and compassionate for animals, in reality, to carry more weight. Such as, the positive natural consequences that all could relate to. Whereas otherwise there would be none.

Vegan reasons… like a dream of reality:

Ethics is a big reason to have empathy and compassion in business. Supply and demand … if you stop buying it, they stop overbreeding and pushing cholesterol laden products on you … to allow you to live longer, duh… they go into more community friendly business. If they stop providing it, because they are going ethical, for health reasons or pressure from government, the price will go up, and it won’t be the preferred choice anymore by the general public. Vegan Alternatives will be provided a LOT CHEAPER. (If not they are mean and greedy like the meat people. LOL.) People will be more and more humane and already are more nutritionally aware.

It has always been a reality that kings were overweight and overindulgent in wine, but they could afford to do it. We should not live like kings, esp. if we are going to lack sympathy and empathy, or compassion and understanding such as by being tyrants. Tyrants don’t keep rule over the population for long.

You do not live without, affordably so, like a king or queen, by choosing to be vegan, esp. if you apply expertise to make vegan spa cuisine, and behavior consistent to the trustworthy nature and image, yet strong and mighty in spirit to uphold beliefs.

Following your values won’t steer you wrong will it? If it’s too much work, let someone else do it.

So many people are raised eating meat that you can hardly call it evil, but it is like smoking. We all find out that it is bad for you after have become addicted, that it causes heart disease and contributes to cancer, diabetes, etc. … and need to give it up.

There are so many opportunities for vegans in businesses that can stand out and stand on their own WITHOUT animal products (with an even better image of compassion and ethics).

Elitely Staying in Touch

We should ALL aspire to have elite communications.

We should try our best to communicate- kindly, caringly, sparingly to better be understood, and not be taken the wrong way.

Even if we communicate, other than our words, it should be with love.

  • Positive energy, with good timing
  • positive touch, healing touch
  • doing things the right way, or at least trying with the right effort,

We are not selling our love or running out of love, if we communicate with love, even in business.  It does not cost anything to be kind, and it is not what costs extra.

Compassion, empathy, patience, thoughtfulness, and such is out of love for other humans, as well as other living beings, and contrary to popular belief, it is something you don’t ‘run out of’ or ‘spread too thin’. (Avoid making excuses because there is no excuse good enough for abuse.)

We may concentrate our attention and think we give it our all, but as in Reiki, God’s love never runs out and is an endless stream that flows through us.

Please remind yourself to be thankful and appreciate how you are blessed and try to be safe.

Happy holidays.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Versatile Pumpkin Pie Spice

If you use this aromatic spice in a recipe, the only other spice you might need is a vanilla bean.

Uses: (esp. during the fall holidays)

internally: tea or latte, that strain or in a tea bag.
externally: salt, sugar, or soda scrub, body butter or salve.




Ground cinnamon



ground nutmeg



ground ginger



Ground cloves



ground allspice



ground cardamom

(Opt.) vanilla bean powder



Double or triple the recipe to have more on hand, if you use it alot, such as during the holiday season.


Mix spices together and store in an airtight container.

Ode to the Missing Notes

The notes you take that I cannot find
that I search and search for, until the end of time,
that you ran me out of, my place and space, in order to claim as yours and get me erased?

If I didn’t leave, you would have stayed and stayed, until my defeat in pain I laid, only your time was delayed. The love I saved by note, now no longer mine, it still returns to me, only as the divine.

You let me down at every chance and then will snicker, until one day high, your fall from grace is a fatal error.