Time is critical in sustainability


It is not timing, like having something ready that makes it sustainable? But over the long term, it will be sustainable, because it keeps on producing enough to sustain you or a process, like a resource for a process you need to sustain your business?

Good timing is necessary for sustainability ? In many ways, making it complex.

Sustainability has a future element in it … as the reason is the future considering, otherwise sustainability is not an important ability. To keep alive endure or last is that ability to sustain.

Sustainability can be varied, from short-term to long-term, but do not neglect the quality of sustainability for short-term or long-term as another very important aspect of sustainability… If you just need sustainability, until something more sustainable comes along, you might accept short term sustainability, but true sustainability might be worth waiting for?

True sustainability is right in front of your nose and you don’t appreciate it? The farming system and gardener homesteads… It has always been here and can always be here for the future.. It is not something new you need to attain, but the sustainability of it for your purposes of future lives.

Do you want to turn the system (for short AND long term sustainability for all) into something for immediate gratification? (In favor of … short term sustainability only)? (That is, or should be, considered totally illegal.)


Sustainability for a business is like cash flow… or work that sustains the cash flow… and resources that sustain cash flow ..


The government will thrive on businesses that pay their taxes and are sustainable in all ways. Don’t make the government your enemy, by not paying your taxes, esp. if you want to remain a sustainable business.

You need food fast, at first, for SUSTENANCE, maybe, so you might settle for milk, but you don’t need milk forever, and the milk will eventually dry up or run out, so milk is not as SUSTAINABLE as plants. You cannot be unnecessarily dependent on milk.

If you are able to have plants Foods …STOCKED … transitioning over to the plant based diet makes the process of living a way to SUSTAIN you, therefore plant food is a SUSTAINABLE resource for your living …

If plants are PREPARED in a heathy way specifically for your health needs , they are a SUSTAINABLE resource for your health. (You need your health to SUSTAIN you.)

Don’t confuse sustainability- as it is applied to animals vs. plants. Once an animal dies, it cannot come to life to produce more product FROM. Whereas plants cannot either, but they can reseed and the time element allows much more abundant production in a greater amounts, allowing it to sustain a process for a longer time and sooner.

Animal poop (fertilizer) supports the long term sustainability of the ecosystem making them deserving of immediate gratifications via the plant system.

Plastic is also recycled for things that would never go to the sea or be recycled again like CLOTHES. FOR instance PATAGONIA (the warmest clothing I have ever worn). Besides new environmental laws forbid pollution of waters.

Bio-hazardous waste products, include infectious waste, animal waste, used sharps, discarded vaccines, and pathological waste. (It is not considered sustainable).

Don’t get me started on leather clothes. I am not going to wear something you put a tag on… to be more specific … As a very discrimating consumer, I am not going to knowingly wear something that was alive, that you put a tag on.

If you support leather all the way, you shouldn’t get any clothing alternatives other than burlap, the emperors clothes or wooden shoes, because no one wants to pay the real cost for those leather shoes or leather jackets, but you don’t either but you want others to one way or another? (So you must allow it to be possibly illegally funded?)

Maybe someday there will be vegan organic products for everything you could dream of, but until then you shouldn’t be able to kill people or animals for immediate gratification of your primal needs and for sure some aesthetic reason, especially on a large scale basis …. Namely leather and furs.

Prevention of Intention?

An hour of your attention to examine your intentions please.

Goal vs intention? Clarifying intention as distinguished from a goal.

An intention is an idea that you feel is important. It rules your actions, if you intend to pursue it to achieve a desired result. For example you might say to yourself…

‘ I intend to try my best to not hurt myself in whatever I do, and not allow others to hurt me either …’

‘Every minute … I need to Do what does not hurt me.’

What you need to do or intend to do may not be the same, so you need to know if you are practicing enough self love or care to make progress in your life.

A goal that inspires a way to a plan is most likely because of a vision or a dream.  Good Intentions can spur action towards a dream. You do not have to have a goal or a dream to have intentions, but it makes sense to, in order to be motivated to do the right thing.

You may have a goal, that is your plan—driven by your intentions to carry out your purpose/intention, but necessarily you should consider the possibilities of the outcome, for your safety and to take the proper precautions.

Getting your own way, in the right ways may seem selfish, but result in the greatest of intentions or purpose backing them.

You are responsible for your intentions every minute of the day.  If your plans need to change, due to circumstances, do your intentions need to change?

Are you going to be forced to lie to protect yourself if you do watch what your intentions are?  Not wanting someone to know their true intentions (for the future), or what their past intentions were, can cause people to commit a ‘sin of omission’ or even lie, unless the intent is merely self protection.

If your intentions are illegal, addictive or less than honorable or not out of putting self love first, it is a battle to prevent them, and you may need help.

In law, crimes are determined by a person’s intent at the time. Motivation when shortened is called motive. Is intention motivated or is motivation intentional? Lol.

If you are not motivated to do the right thing, it is because you acting in accordance with a motive. That is why you have to be careful and watch out what  your true intentions are, and change them, if the situation is heading in the wrong direction and making your best of intentions fall apart. (That is why they say the road to hell can be paved with good intentions.)

Do you have to intend to become the best version of yourself, to carry out a God-given purpose?

  • The best version might be created through the practice of having a healthy body, and a soul filled with self-love and gratitude, and maintaining a positive mindset, 

If you are intending to role model 

  • You might eventually be inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women and or men to create a life they love, one of worthy of freedom, passion, and purpose.
  • so they can become who they’re born to be, rightfully Confident People.

Conviction, (the right convictions like in good beliefs and morals) is what is needed for a dream, making pure intention wishy washy.

Convictions are built on;

  • A look at the overall picture—where we can analyze and ask ourselves, Why? Such as Why do you want to achieve this goal/dream? What will it mean to you when you achieve it? Who will you be sharing it with ???
  • A long term goal, needs to be where the ruling choices are the fuel or at least sustainable fixes to , as we go, not just worth a quick end result. (Do they cannot hurt others in the process giving us the right to have those choices, making the conviction more possible and agreeable to others makes it stronger.)
  • motivation to get you to your destination/intention (goal) is a matter of choices, ruled something much deeper than any motive could ever be.
  • willpower or a strong driving force behind our good reasons will prevent bad choices.
  • Good timing is very helpful to show your convictions are inline with your goals and your dreams are with good purpose, not just good intentions.

See God is not finished with you

WALKING- Earthing or grounding style

Beyond Reiki? Is this the real grounding technique that is beyond psychology, applying real nature?

One thing you might be missing from your life or from your youth that you may not have ever noticed slipped out of your life. I know it is mine. That is this- earthing or grounding. It is a healing modality by walking on the earth barefoot, absorbing the energies of the earth through you’re feet. It is not just the minerals in the soil that is good for your soles, it is the earth’ s energy, the negative ions like a battery that interact within our body … that gives a good feeling.

Shoes can make you sick…if they hurt your feet, if they cause imbalance…even if you wear cotton socks. Uncramping one’s feet in shoes alone can make you feel good.

Bringing back the feeling of being younger? Walking in the sand, walking in mud ..? When is the last time you did that?

It is not fake science, it is earth science that applies to all living beings on the earth. Regaining a connection to the earth… like an electrical or energetic grounding? (proved by using a continuity meter in the earthing movie.)

The earth can ground or neutralize electrical imbalances or overflow. You need electrons for energy, in the electron transport chain in mitochondria…which generates ATP- the energy molecule in the body in every cell, the currency of our cells.

But is grounding a Healing energy flow of electrons from the conductive surface of only the earth? It just wouldn’t be the same on the pavement …. And wearing shoes won’t ground you, even if you are outside, unless someone barefoot is touching you.

Can walking barefoot bring you other health benefits, if you do it right? If the area is bug free? If not traumatized by the walking on the ground, like it is soft and yielding

Can clean feet after words giving feet even more if a treat? Dirt where your feet sinks down just a tiny bit is even better.

Reduces inflammation from the wearing of shoes and socks? Reduces the chances of inflammation from the act of walking? With shoes, you can walk more carelessly and faster without watching what you might be stepping on, however barefoot you have to be more careful and aware of every step, so you still yourself and appreciate every step

But as a therapeutic respite…

It is said that if an athlete stands in the grass or walks 15 minutes barefoot it will charge up electron storage and sustain them, such as they won’t get inflammation if they fall down or need less recovery time?

Your feet are so important for walking fit. The nerves of your legs are important al the way up connected to your core.

As Walking  or standing on the grass the electrons are absorbed into the body and coat the red blood cells, so fast that the red blood cells repel each other so they can’t clump (or cause energetic blocks), the blood viscosity goes down, it’s easier for the heart to pump the blood, the blood pressure goes down,

A pleasure for the feet that is freer than a foot massage, but you can have both. (Removing energetic blocks rather than what causes them.)

Your biological rhythms should be more synchronized with the earth and nature and when you connect with nature and walk barefoot, free radicals in your body are neutralized, Recalibrate and equalize your system. Your sympathetic systemic calmed giving your adrenals a chance to recover.

This restores your natural rhythms. Good timing, happiness, improved immune system, less pain or need for medicines…ability to do more to lose weight etc. constant relief, better libido, and final acceptance where once was none?

Being grounded like in reality, not with your head in the clouds… You feel more calm and connected to all the life around you.

Does putting your feet in water from the earth such as the ocean or a lake or a stream or merely a puddle of water do the same? I have always found this to be healing.

Can you do more things in nature intentionally to fight your root cause of illnesses ‘inflammation’?

  • Swinging barefoot touching down.
  • Walking barefoot around (no concrete) swimming areas.
  • getting a massage by someone barefoot,
  • lying or sitting (meditation) or even yoga in the grass,
  • hopscotch
  • Gardening…. Touching the earth, it feels good.

It all makes you happier, so it’s a natural remedy for depression.

Relearning how to take advantage of the opportunity, while you can, and how to let yourself … like it’s your cure. The key would be to take full advantage of the opportunity in the spring and warmer months. Wear sandals, take them off where you want to walk. Bring something to wipe your feet off ? Keep your grass mowed?

I’m going to start doing this…

No longer saying … never touching the earth or not getting some fresh air. Thus you are now in control and able to master your energy.

See the earthing movie … https://youtu.be/44ddtR0XDVU

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Who’s Pulling the Strings

I have done alot of research and writing on support systems, because people who are jealous of your support system will try to pull the strings and ruin it.

Whose pulling the strings … And wont identify theirself? Horning in on your business?
It could be a sister, a friend, a cousin, an aunt, a neighbor, a stalker, etc.

Instead of helping you succeed, they have their own plans and agenda that is not supportive at all, like to get your money, your house, your job, your husband or wife?

Maybe out of boredom cause noone is giving them any attention. And yea, if someone was or asked for their help, they would be suspicious, cause they know how they are. Like they constantly crying you trying to wreck my family steal my kid, etc?
When you were not even thinking about them, and you know they are never going to give you any money because they plan on speeding up the process of you dying or leaving first, when after all, they already left their fricking senses.
So we can all go sell our stories and fears to the novel writer. Cause they are all bad stories both sides and it gives you no right to try to get rid of someone for temporary riches or other gain. Cause you are all bought for a price. You bad people are the christ.

Even if you know who is pulling the strings, trying to set you up or whatever, what are you gonna do about it?

Are you a victim of a conspiracy or is it just your imagination?
All it takes is for someone to have a few conversations alone with your contacts contacts, esp. Ones who have turned before and were not good faithful contacts. And making plans with everyone but you and it isnt a surprise party. It’s a pot retreat, computer hacking, hunting retreats, play jokes on people who take them seriously, whatever they do now, without the one who is into health and longevity. All the while, they are not paying a cent or doing a thing to help a good cause that the one they are against is. Even it meant them Saving theirself to support as good cause.

If you go to church or start praying will they bow out or just keep on believing their lies while you believe God?

And they (or some others) will laugh if you say God is pulling the strings,,, and try to prove that every right thing YOU WOULD SHOW THEM is wrong and that they are winning because of doing it a bad way (that others do NOT give them permission to do) ((that hurts them)
(Instead of just take a lower mission.)
Sort of like they want you, but they want to be the boss and not have to give you anything in return. Yet they dont answer to a higher power and are only trying to put you through hell.

So should a money giver be allowed to pull the strings??? Be allowed a key or control over all the keys. When there is millions you have paid to get at the position you are at, their measily contribution qualifies them? or soneone else thinks they have a long standing open door policy for the right price?
I mean they think they can do it just by wanting money, or having the will to destroy someone eh?
Or a lifetime ‘comeback to abuse’ privileges but not ever to appreciate and adore?

Back to ….
How are they pulling these imaginary strings?
If it’s not some kind of psychological abuse it is hypnosis or subliminal suggestions… social media?

When someone is the one pulling the strings they might be like the criminal, before being found out.
They are not like competing attorneys when however the one whose strings are being pulled are like an unconscious victim plaintiff or defendant set up to take the fall, or possibly an attorney trying to represent theirself. No matter how hard you try to be more conscious of what they are trying to do to you, it is almost futile. They may use tactics like keeping you broke or in extreme debt, conning you out of money, creating disasters of any kind, etc.
They are not like the judge or the brains of the attorneys …. or that should be the way it is.

What’s the price to be a brain or to be around a brain that does not control or immaturity intimidate through shock waves? What are you going to do about it?

If they are in a penititiary then all they get is a pen. No computer, no smart phone. If you are in the hospital and you won’t get one, which would be the scariest to you, like the worst punishment or just not punishment but consequential? So to think your power control would not be consequential and a worse fate than illegal control would be faulty thinking. Cause if you dont practice perfect TIMING, you are like an overweight person, you are never going to get in shape in time to mentally to have an image of perfect timing, and so what does that have to do with pulling the strings? Because you are the criminal with bad timing, trying to force to be on the defensive, rather than going with the flow. not in search for the balance of truth.

It’s like being held up like this is a stickup and we dont really have any money or brains or we need all your money or brains to continue with this line of questioning where saying we appreciate it would a farce, not recalling needing it just putting on the defensive. And dying… and so it is a situation that is that I would call a highly stressful situation and would avoid it like the plague working with you and It would not serve me any justice and no amount of money will make it worthwhile, because health and the practice of living it in good timing would require much better associations.

Is the point being, does who’s pulling strings have any bearing in a court law? Of course it does, but not until now?
Whose pulling the strings is like awww a lot of money or work to find out? And even then, you are going to rile up some tigers? Who are making up stories to get you off their track and they are fast at it, knowing you are going to dilly dally like lost sheep, and accept it at face value.
Who are not the ones telling you, you better find out whose pulling the fricking strings.
Whose telling you, Me dammit me.

You cant think I don’t see what you are doing? The biggest conspiracies are tigers, and the tigers are pulling the damn fricking strings. Cause I swear nothing good or just will come of it. Someone more innocent is going to get hurt, not just the first victim. Tigers can get away with more victims than one (like leaving alot of cold cases lying around) before it’s all over and it’s a waste.

You might see a predator with an attorney on a commercial, like they can safely walk together.. is that something good? Lol haha

Did you think pulling the strings was a moot or ‘sweep it under the rug’ and forget about it kind of thing? Too out of reach?
Is it about time we question who’s pulling the strings? Is pulling something a tricky way for someone to think there is real cooperation going on?

Is finding out, who is doing it, part of the research??? You might say Give it! But is that gonna get it from a tiger?
Cause finding out should be part of the research. However to outright expose it is tricky. To rile a tiger, you dont want to do it.
If the tiger be against you who could be for you is the question? no.

You can’t outright expose the tiger. The tiger is the one you want in the trap, not the ones that are immediately available. Like a opossum or a skunk… sure they may be undesirables but are not the ones who are the biggest threat and caused the mess. If you want to solve the problems and move on …

But that’s the thing about people, you can’t tell whether they did it or not, and a fair trial should be intended to expose all potential, esp. the ones pulling the strings, not scapegoat to set a precedent? To say that the majority of crime doesnt have people pulling the strings would not be reality. when they are not as wild and free as they thing they are, where real precedent are set by customs.

Sort of like human traffickers..of the mind .. they are pulling the strings, even though they may not be committing the actual …. they are conspiring to orchestrate the deceit or fraud. They may not just be stranger off the street, but also family or neighbors esp. Townfolk like lynchers… cause its not hard to find gossipers and people like them whose strings they can pull and make things happen …

Are they rallying to your support? I dont think so, not much support for mine or yours.

What, they innocently orchestrated the event to save THEIR family, at the risk of everyone else’s right to freedom? Tigers need love too?

And they just keep releasing these tigers and undesirables, because there may no longer be justice being served by… catching the tigers, not being tigers… etc. And safety is going to be short lived, only because the tiger is sleeping or caught.

It might have been okay, if it was only ONE time. . But they released everytime I caught the tiger. … they released more… to control the strings …


So you have to settle for keeping your innocent safe, even though freedom is being restricted and keep pounding away at the bad one pulling the strings, until there are no more. You have to deprive them of their food except in the trap, not the innocent.
Yea they’ll be coming to the trap again…
Cause im not pulling the strings until they arent.

EX. SOCIAL MEDIA…. Anyone with a tiger or lion as profile picture


A few days later… who do you notice is trying to pull your strings now? Justifiably? Why even ask.

What’s the definition of a hero?

A dead man that no one wants to be? In memory maybe.

A REAL hero IS one who survives AND SAVES. If he was a hero before, he can be one again. I wanted to clarify it, because I don’t want to discourage people from making the extra effort, or making the effort and getting themselves hurt. You’ve heard the saying don’t be a hero… if it is foolish and you can’t win . To me, a hero is someone you can hug afterwords- you both survive an ordeal, because one rescued the other.

A hero goes against the odds, with a way to impart rescue, not get both killed.

Hero: Someone who sheds light on injustice. Someone who feeds the hungry and gives to the poor. Someone who walks into a situation to save victims. A hero can just be being a Good Samaritan.

I hope you can identify many heroes in your life but not need to. 🙂

On Memorial Day, what are you remembering or celebrating? A bunch of noise, like shooting and dying? Bombs fireworks? That means you don’t appreciate the hero’s that survived, if you constantly procreate more PTSD.

If people want to remember police and others defending the country, with violence, then they can go sit the fuck in jail- they are not cops, they are not heroes, and they are definitely not keepers of the peace.

Procreating a cycle of abuse is not the government’s fault or the ordinary citizens, but the ones carrying on an abusive tradition and leading by bad example.

New plan social distancing plan

Drawing a new line in the sand

I don’t keep or make promises with people who don’t keep the peace with me. (Right it off as an opportunity you blew) When it’s the easiest thing to do, compared to the expectations others have of you.

No one gets a Swedish sweetish massage. Too sexual oriented for someone who doesn’t know what is going on and takes everything the wrong way.

Only going to do clothed massage

– Chair massage, (head, hand) Thai massage (passive exercise-acupressure ),

– Teach class in giving you your own bleeping facial that will forget the next day like you every effing thing else

⁃ Yep I didn’t start getting massages until AFTER I became a vegetarian. The only ones I’m saving from being massaged by the shooter are vegetarians And those transitioning during cleanse (and leaving your bleep)…. because

⁃ I’m not going to be responsible for blood clots from cholesterol

⁃ and I don’t want to get herpes or covid from the … (one shooting like a competitive edge).. the shooter’s discards

– Not massaging your heartless front sides or helping your evil circulation, That might give you youthful elastic skin, and I am definitely not giving you reflexology, and give you the chance to really kick me when I’m down.

⁃ so I really can’t relate why you would trust someone to massage or sleep with you, but have a gun, because you don’t trust people …

So go ahead pressure to hurry up and the only answer you are getting is NO, because All I want you to say is ‘no and fuck off’. And keep your pain to your fucking self, because you don’t know how to act. And no I won’t be answering the gun bell. Cause you aren’t going to tell me welcome aboard on my own property or in my own business.

I repeat

I don’t keep or make promises with people who don’t at least try to keep the peace with me. (Right it off as an opportunity you blew)

Referral: I’m sure you will find someone who wants your UNAPPRECIATIVE offers BUT IT IS NOT ME. And even if you have a medical freak permission slip (consult) you can take it somewhere else.

Another Limping shooter such as yourself or soon to be, can give you one and ‘buy your pain’, so see how empathetic one is to your pain.

Go fantasize what they’ll do to or your mate or your kids in a hospital…


Antiviral update -prevention (natural)- health plan checklist

This information is intended to supplement good information not substitute for it.

There may be a lot of advertising on the internet, promoting single cures for viruses. Since there is no real cure for a virus, you have to use common sense and stay as clean as possible, inside and out. (Err on the side of caution.)

The same common sense that people have been using for centuries, for the common cold, is what you can do to prevent a minor situation from becoming serious.

There is no one thing you do. You have to watch for signs that you have more mucous than usual, such as if your tongue is white. If you have an overgrowth of anything that can complicate other illnesses. Then up your game and do everything on the list you can.

Support good breathing and clean air, in whatever ways you can do that. A lot to do with good breathing is preventing a mucous situation. Staying clean and ‘eating clean’ is important, because you do not want to add to the issues you might already have, and be able to prevent pneumonia. Avoid breathing irritants, like from bad air. Consume anti-inflammatory food and drink as a part of balanced nutrition.

Viruses exist and are no hoax. There are not ever cures for viruses. All these may help but they do not cure. They help to cleanse and eliminate heavy buildup. Cleanliness can only help.

Things to try daily as if it is a lifestyle are …

  • Drink water when thirsty.
  • It is helpful to use naturals that won’t stress the organs (esp. your liver)
  • Keep up your immunity– a daily multivitamin supplement won’t hurt, vitamin C, immunity teas (Traditional medicine’s herb teas- echinacea, reishi mushroom tea)
  • Substitute with cleansing food and drink (herb teas like lemon balm, licorice root, and cats claw) (oregano, thyme, and curry)
  • Elevate to a diet of raw living food diet, focusing on astringent fruits like citruses, grapes and melons. Avoid too sweet of juices, and opt. for whole grapefruit, vegetable juices, ginger, lemon, lime, cranberry juices.
  • Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. and dressings with vinegar, basil, oregano, thyme may help, not a salad dressing with dairy or unnecessary oil.
  • Brush teeth and rinse with alcohol mouthwash (add to it 1/3), but do not drink it. You can clean your mouth more times with a mouthwash, than you can one time by drinking it. This is not being wasteful or an alcoholic. 🙂
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Use hand sanitizers with alcohol when petting the pets. Or when you can’t wash your hands.
  • Keep your pets inside and give them fresh clean water daily. If they might drink from the toilet, use a Clorox toilet tablet, which kills 99% bacteria on each flush.
  • Use disinfectant room air sprays- thyme, Lysol, esp. bathroom.
  • Clean house regularly and be caught up. (using bleach and alcohol to sanitize surfaces)
  • If you run out of bleach, you could use vinegar on large areas, like floors, but soak the mop in bleach afterwords and before you use it.
  • Do pest control, if necessary, if you go outside a lot or your pets do.
  • If you go out, take a shower, before you leave. Wear clothes that fully cover.
  • Social distancing and wear masks, if you or others have a cough. Take your own hand sanitizer with you.
  • Face masks 🎭 should be unpenitratable, such as you cannot see a fine spray go through them or light. If so combine with a paper towel or double up. Spray masks periodically with alcohol (mixed with several drops of clove oil.) Keep masks that are reusable in a clean bag, until ready to use. When using the masks, spray the inside periodically with clove alcohol to prevent germs. (Pure alcohol with 5-10 drops of clove essential oil) If the masks are disposable, properly dispose of them in a trash receptacle using a hand sanitizer.
  • Optional: Using gloves, as well as protective face shield. Not optional if in close contact with an infected person.
  • Wash your clothes and products from shopping, the minute you come in from outsides, esp. if your house is clean.
  • Treatments- facial steam and mist; breathe easy essential oil in a diffuser. (eucalyptus, clove, menthol)
  • Salt and or alcohol on areas that might have a chance of getting infected or swollen (feet, underarms, butt area) –not internally. Even better a lymphatic massage in the shower will promote lymphatic drainage of excess lymph (mucous).
    • If you were all over the place take an Epson salts bath, when you get home.
  • Epsom salt ideas -Epsom salts will dry up mucuous!
  • In the shower- mix it with soap and scrub areas that have poor circulation or that are prone to body odor – under arms, pelvic butt area, and esp feet. If you add menthol, it will help you breathe. (Common covid issue) and then rinse.
  • Hair and face– Put 1/2 aloe vera gel and 1/2 alcohol in a bottle mix it up like hand sanitizer and put all over your wet hair after a shower. Esp around ears and can even put on face. Careful of eyes. And neck and chest. It will kill all germs. Esp before you dry your hair. it has to have 70% (highest proof) alcohol to be effective. I thought of aloe vera gel since it is used in beauty salons to style hair.
  • Stay warm, by wearing warm clothes. If you use reading glasses, use the kind that does not fall off your nose or block your nasal passages.
  • Practice a low-stress lifestyle. Do deep breathing exercises and possibly meditation.
  • NO SMOKING OR SECOND-HAND SMOKE. Honor your body and soul and nurture yourself.
  • Reduce social interactions (social distancing) yet diligent and not complacent .. being very discriminating for prevention measures.
  • Avoid false claims as well as inciting violence.
  • Testing is impractical, unless YOU have symptoms, for the safety of the sickest, to quarantine for a chance to recover …
  • if you could be caught off guard and catch it, at a seconds notice. And what? test every morning, when going to be around people all day, or every afternoon before go home? Or testing both people who are going to be intimate
  • If someone is sick, testing only gives you knowledge from then on, but not until they have symptoms.
  • If someone has it, they may not show symptoms and have immunity.
  • It is an airborne disease, that can be more or less prevented by immediate action. Prevention is the only way to eliminate. (Letting it run its course.)
  • It is not like a sexually transmitted disease that testing shows, and immediate action can be taken to eliminate.
  • home testing kits may be $120 + ?

Hand Sanitizer Formula

hand sanitizer


In the case, of using drugs for serious illnesses, rather than wholistic remedies, sometimes using more of a good thing (returning to natural folk medicine or nutritional therapy) is better than trying to use a potentially better drug that is only experimental, even if it is natural.

Sometimes the problem requires cutting out the bad and substituting with good. Staying away from pollutants and nondetoxifying ingredients, including drugs, and opting for organic as much as possible, is going to speed recovery.

Is the doctor prescribing,

– because he or she doesn’t want to insult you, that you feel you have to have a drug,

– because you don’t know natural remedies, or

– because they want to push drugs on you?

– Because that is all they know and they don’t have time to change?

– or because rediagnosing correctly would be only possible with a second opinion and that would be your responsibility to get one? Being on your best behavior for mercy being hard, when you are in a ill mood.

– because they have you on a path of follow up care that would be a long term money maker, by design (good for them bad for you)? Almost like a greedy conspiracy…. because it requires the whole team that what … they expect you, a sick person, to afford all of them? Who are they kidding? Most people can’t even afford theirselves …. so therefore, the only requirement they have, to do no harm and to heal the person, is not being met, that only by some miraculous mercy they might down the line?

– and your damn lucky, if they don’t take more than 50% of everything you have earned in your whole life that should have gone to your children? Over one false diagnosis, they could take almost everything you ever worked for? So what, your supposed to live off the grid in hiding from them? Under the care of a hit man who scares everybody off? Esp. Doctors?

– otherwise you have to play the medical game, where you have to have insurance, you have to piss off an insurance, when it’s you or them? You have to take drugs, if they say to? You have to have surgery, if they say to? You can’t take natural remedies, cause they don’t believe in them unless it was them under the tyrannical medical game?

They don’t offer help for addictions or even prevention; they more or less insult you, hoping you are weak enough to stay in your addiction, saying ‘oh they cannot change (cause they are talking about you to somebody else)… unless they PAY my organization 20000.00 or more in a treatment facility. They don’t ask you if you would prefer natural alternative, if one is available, for your illness.

So if you end up with a home, or even a phone, after you have spent all this time earning one , was it just so they could have yours? You could have at least been cured one thing right and ended up with at least your health? Weight control? On the road to Longevity?

And you know it’s true when they start supporting marijuana as a cure. Oh see they give up too easy to their own evil ways. Or to say a knot on your body is cancer, when it is fibromyalgia is just too dastardly

So you have to be smart enough to see what they are up to or how they are not really looking out for your best interests, because one hour in a clinical setting is not enough time to know the real you, after all the patients they had this week and will have next week.

So you cannot put all your faith and trust in them, with your life your future, your assets… and esp. YOUR HEALTH.

It is your responsibility to mitigate the damages. You can’t blame it all on doctors, because some people really do need their help and to try and be as healthy as you can will only help to mitigate the damages.

Expecting a One Size Fits All Diet

Annhnhnhn doesn’t exist, and if it did, it would probably be too late for most people, making old age diets difficult.

Don’t look at different people as different kinds of cartoon animals with different diets. We are all the same as people with the same dietary needs.

If anything, if you are going to classify a person’s diet it is done by the disease they have or lack of it. Such as a T-shirt.

A distinguishing factor is our teeth from animals as well as the length of colon.

You could design a one size fits all diet for humans, that is plant-based, but you could not design a one size fits all meat-based diet and not eventually be putting them on a diet that considers the disease they have contracted.

Therefore due to the fact that everyone has different diets and have contracted different diseases, there also is not a specific cleanse you could trust.

A ‘Cleanse’ is like for the colon and a ‘detox’ is like for the circulatory system, and due to the fact that everyone has different diets and have contracted different diseases, there also is not a specific cleanse you could trust.

A cleanse is like when you want to get regular and stop being constipated and clear out the meat putrefying in your system.

A detox is like to get alcohol and drugs out of your system.

A Cleanse is like scrubbing your colon and a detox is like purifying your circulatory system. It is what you make it, but a cleanse could include food and fiber and detox would have more water..

People may have different goals, but could choose the wrong strategy, since there are so many. If you google it you could 50 types, daily, fasting, weekend styles.

If you have a Stroke? A doctor might say Juice not allowed, if it imbalances the meds. If you are on any medications make sure they don’t interact with .. if drink juices, start out with shot size.